Imperatrix; Valence Xaeuth Idheoss

Imperatrix; Valence Xaeuth Idheoss


My heart has been played with and still I seek pain. WTF?

Melbourne, Australia
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About Me

Display Name: Imperatrix Valence Xaeuth Idheoss


Birthday: 11th Feb

Birthplace: Quezon City, Philippines

Travel: I wanna travel the world!! Especially to South America, New Zealand and Japan XD

Age: I did a lot of laps around the sun and I’m too tired to count :(

Gender: Female

Relation Ship Status: I’m currently dating myself :) But then again…I’m fangirlin’ and crushin’ (hahahahah)

Location: Melbourne, Australia, Planet Earth, The Milky Way

Favourite Bands: Slipknot, HollywoodUndead, Metallica, Black Sabbath, WORLD ORDER, Garnidelia, PATHFINDER, AUQUAELIE, Annisokay, The Black Veil Brides, Two Steps From Hell, Virtual Riot, ACDC (duh…),

Favourite Musicians (other than me): Rap Mon, Jonathan Young, Pellek, Animenz, Sungha Jung, Yiruma, CL, Eddie van der meer, Gustavo Lima, Michel Telo, Yanni, Vichede, Luz, Kradness, Shuzu, Shakira, Lindsey Stirling, DJ OKAWARI, jansang, Nqrse, Tobu, Itro, Marc Anthony, F-777, Eric Calderone, Cole Roland, Xriz, NANO, Labyrinth, OMFG, DJ Zatox, Don Omar, Jason Marz, K-391

Music: Metal, Rock, Punk, EDM, House, Electronic, Dubstep, Classical, Techno, Trance, Folk Metal, Powermetal

Instruments: Drums, other percussion instruments such as the marimba, keyboard (mixing), classical piano, bass guitar (blues, jazz), Acoustic guitar (finger style guitar - pop), Electric Guitar (metal, rock), clarinet (symphony), vocals (I have a rusty voice perfect for rock), recorder (duh…), ukulele (ahh..luv this one) and other weird unofficial instruments hehe

Fave Games: Destiny, Tekken, *any sniper games, Action, Fantasy etc, Halo

Current Study/Work: Barista, Arranger, Songwriter

Language: Tagalog, Bicol, Mandarin, English, Japanese (Not fluent in all of them, but I am confident I can understand each of them well)

Hobbies: writing poems, painting, dancing, drawing, music stuff (gigs etc), playing video games, listening to music, day dreaming, reading (manga, action, mystery, science fiction), Window-shoppin’, singing, sleeping, eating, living, photography, anime,

Personality: weird….weird…weird…curious….eh?
Well..I am emotional (explains why I’m a music addict) though I act highly professional when doing something I love…You know what!?!?! Y don’t you just talk to meh…*sobs* a lonely pickle hmph…

Favourite Colour(s): Blue, Orange and Purple :)

Appearance: A asian nerd

Favourite Food: Mochi, Salmon (luv mine raw) and any tea

Dislikes: Mah arch-nemesis (duh…), creepy crawlies (urge…spiders), feeling bored, being heartbroken (explains why I like poetry), being called useless, when people handball their chores to me

Likes: anime, building gundams, solitude, my guitar, mah kiddo, red nail polish

My writing style consist of relatable humor, really descriptive descriptions of events/characters and a fake resolution ended with a climax (cliffhanger).

I'll also post my school essays just to see what anyone would think.

* I write and post a wide variety of writings. From poems to psychological reports, from persuasive essays to short stories...
I am a teacher, student, life-long learner, curiosity-satisfier, artist, musician, researcher, leader and a confident risk-taker. In short, I am a creative artist who loves learning!

I am known as Sachiko or Mochi amongst my friends and as SachikoMochiko across the internet. I am also a dedicated musician hoping to make a difference! My FORMER passions are architecture, choreography and industrial designing. This was until dancing lead me into the strong passion I have for music today.

My works orbits around influencing other peoples’ emotions, past experience and questions. Whether it is my stories, research papers, poems, paintings or songs, - they can impact the audiences’ emotions, make them relate and satisfy their curiosity altogether! I strive to inspire and open opportunities for other artist/musicians, peers and the less fortunate.

When I’m not in “my music studio” (my room haha) or rehearsing in a music room, you might find me frantically typing (e..g. blogging, doing assignments) on my Mac, dancing (man, I love dancing!), reading, playing video games (usually action, science-fiction and fantasy), watching my favourite TV series (including anime) or teaching other people the things I have learnt or proficient at! I also like drawing, photography and martial arts (especially kick-boxing).
I strongly value the motivational force of others, team collaboration, efforts for improvement, my “failures” (I merely see ‘failures’ as just another opportunity to learn) and mistakes, my love of learning and faith in others.

My ultimate goal is to improve my known skills and develop new skills (which is to serve both self-development and self-improvement) to open opportunities for advantageous experiences. By gathering these advantageous, challenging experiences and by gaining efficient knowledge, I endeavour to flourish passion to lead to a career I find the most valuable.

Find me on

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Music "About Me"I play the piano (circa 6-7 years haha, as for 2017), guitar (rock, pop and classical- two years now), bass guitar (usually blues, jazz and ragtime-for nearly one year), ukulele (pop-half a year), recorder (meh...), vocals (I'm alright...not very confident though), percussion (NOT the drum kit though!!!), clarinet (folk, pop-classical etc/ for around three years now) and I can compose/songwrite, transpose and arrange music (usually rock or symphony...I am confident in composing classical and jazz but not rock so much and I am pretty decent at poetry.) I have been in a 'professional' (i.e. serious) rock band and a casual wind symphony. I listen from trance, techno, house and dubstep to pop, rock, metal and classical...

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