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About Me

Hi all:)
this is me....Saumya
well, i don't have much to tell you all about me..
but yes to start with,

I love writing & painting.(you can find some of my paintings in the "my photos" section of my profile here)

These are the best ways to express thoughts.:) besides, i enjoy reading
basically anything, until and unless it has nothing to do with vulgarity.I don't much prefer erotic pieces, but sensual is okay to me :)

I'm a simple being who deeply believes in simplicity and write, because i believe i can clearly express myself and it kind of gives me peace:)

I love, love plants and animals(Dogs, bunnies and bluebirds are my favorite)😊

I love making new friends, and sharing my thoughts about poetry, etc. With people, so yes,if you need someone to talk to, about something, feel free to send me a mail:)

Also, I love writing in collaboration with people and friends, so you're searching someone for writing a piece in collaboration with you, yes 🙋 here :)

My favorite generes: philosophy, adventure, romantic(you'll mostly find my write-ups on these generes)

Request: feel free to send me RRs but not more than two a day, and don't expect me to review it soon (I don't go through the RRs everyday) but lemme know if there's something you urgently want me to read and review 😊 also, if you have any really horrifying horror stories, please send me the RR and I'll love to read and review it:)

Thankyou for stopping by, and knowing a part of what I'm exactly 😊 for more, you've my write-ups already published here, go through them..And lemme know if you've anything else to ask.

May you all be shining wherever you are, and Happy writing & scribbling 😊

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Posted 13 Hours Ago

What is that Zodiac Sign thing?

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Posted 1 Week Ago

thank you for your kind words!! i'm really enjoying your poems and would love to see some of your paintings!! have a nice day Saumya!

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Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Thanx, I was just returning reviews from yesterday, didn't even see that till now. I wished I could earn the star one, but If I don't i am cool with that too. It doesn't matter cause I enjoy writing.

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Posted 1 Month Ago

My pleasure!😊

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Posted 1 Month Ago

Thank you for being my friend! :)

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Posted 4 Months Ago

You're welcome! *Smile*

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Posted 4 Months Ago

Hey thank you for becoming my friend.

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Posted 6 Months Ago

Hey😊 hw u doing?

Can't complain. Got myself a Google Pad, am thoroughly enjoying it. Just now am finishing up a new chapter for "The Force Within."

When complete, it will be placed:

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Posted 1 Year Ago

Heeey Saumya!!! Arigatou gozaimus :)) how r u?

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Posted 1 Year Ago

Aww thanks for the words about my avatar.
The wee fellow is my official mascot now.
I once thought aboutS sharing him with a local magazine that pays £25 for such images but I only wanted to share him with my friends on WC.
Thanks Saumya - your comment made me smile.
:) - see - that's me smiling