Where I Become a Memory Remembering

Where I Become a Memory Remembering


rhyme experimenting.


I remember the candy cane on my lips and the way my feet would stick to the floor.

I didn’t ask you my list of questions,

but you still said you were sure

so when I walked into the crowded room

and I didn’t know where you were

instead of pulling at my hips and poking at the bruises


water dripped from my chin, as I tasted icy peppermints

and tried not to write out more excuses

your smile widened and you swore you didn’t know

how I could have played a darker part

in the weekly rave show

but instead I carried on my walk, and stumbled over cobblestone

I should have left with everyone

but my legs became not my own

the darkness traveled across our moon’s sun

and I found myself in semblance of affection
like air, I arose

but it wasn’t quite a lie and it wasn’t quite rejection

that rudely colored my complexion, the red travelling up my elbows


I could still have played a deeper part

but then I couldn’t answer to the lighting

and what you finish you don’t have to start

but the middle isn’t always biting


and I’d rather you kept watching

so I could get nervous again

like the time I broke her box spring

we never quite could resemble sleeping wise men


because this confidence is a huge charade

and I don’t have any response to your inquires these days

but I’m on a self-help crusade

and anyways, none of this will stay


because then it could be adorable

the outside looking in

and the radius of our poorly timed circle

would be prickling across our delicate skin


and my feet are swaying because they can’t touch the floor

and my heels won’t touch the ground

but my shoulders can’t help leaning into the door

I’m sorry I’m not skilled in this fooling around


as I inquired what was stopping you

our arms visually collided

we created another level to break through

and generically I labeled this one-sided


and I’m sorry I don’t do this

that can’t be all your fault

but if I all I can do is reminisce

please take me with a grain of salt.

© 2012 EVERYTHINGyoucantelltoSTRANGERS

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Added on January 10, 2012
Last Updated on January 10, 2012



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