Photos To Remind Myself

Photos To Remind Myself

A Poem by {A}shley {B}lack @-;-

A poem about holding on

Photos To Remind Myself

Take pictures with that device
hold the moment as you smile
feel the world pause

A flash and we are back in motion
a memory for a lifetime
a smile forced of fake
a frown for the saddest of days

my mind will hold your pictures
remember you in my past
no water or sun damage
my mind is built to last

And even if with age a fog descends
I may not recognise your face 
but I can tell if we are friends

A photo from a lover
your partner 
your soul mate
whilst in the embrace of each other
the camera is too late 

capture my emotion
my tears 
my rage
leaving me for another
where are the photos of those days

send me pictures that I can keep
to make the dark days pass
send me pictures of your body
for when the love doesn't last
send me pictures of that smile
though pain is deep inside
remember all I have is my memory
from that nothing can hide

© 2011 {A}shley {B}lack @-;-

Author's Note

{A}shley {B}lack @-;-
This poem is one of my attempts at making the reader decide what I'm trying to explain let me know what you think and after a few guesses I will reveal the meaning

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I took this as one losing one's memory. Perhaps Alzheimer's? Or having not seen one in so long that you begin to forget them. I've suffered from that. Ever since I moved away from my hometown, I've begin to grow distant from my friends. It's not that I want to, but that I no longer see them or have time to write or email them and whatnot. Due to this, I've began to forget. That fog has begun to set in. However, the photos dispel this fog and causes me to remember again.

Even if what I think this poem is about, I still very much so enjoyed reading it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

good work....the poem was very nice to read..loved the stanza....
capture my emotion
my tears
my rage
leaving me for another
where are the photos of those days

Posted 6 Years Ago

I loved this one because it was vague, but there was a point to it that I can't grasp. I know you've done this before, usually with rather unexpected results. I, personally, think the poem is about someone that was betrayed and is looking back over happier times, regretting all the pain they were put through. That's just my interpretation though, I can't wait to hear yours.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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I like this a lot very unique and moving your quite talented my friend very well expressed

Posted 6 Years Ago

the sad, slow descriptions in this are quite interesting. nice work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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I like this. I would've thought it was about one person who betrayed another and another person who betrays themself. I don't know. That's just an idea.

It's beautiful, though. :) Photographs fascinate me in a kind of sad way. In a photograph, we can stay young and beautiful forever. In real life we fade.
Memories are sad. Memories get foggy and fade. Like us.

Posted 6 Years Ago

pictures are a funny irony - if we know the camera is capturing a moment - we may be acting or reaching - but when we look back we remember something different.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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{A}shley {B}lack @-;-
{A}shley {B}lack @-;-

Sheriffhales, Shropshire , United Kingdom

I Am Ashley Black (an alter ego ) I have a dark mind when it comes to my poetry as the strongest emotions come from negative RETURNING- I have been distant from this site for a while but I am fina.. more..


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