Moonlight Predator

Moonlight Predator

A Poem by {A}shley {B}lack @-;-

A poem about vampires

Moonlight Predator

Tormented souls under the moonlights glisten 
an eternal cry for a soulless mission,
the predator stalks the living fountain
A beating muscle
a source of lust
the craving to engage 
but play the predator must.

Night shadows the movements 
conceals the fang,
approach the future victim 
in his mind he has already sprang.

The moonlight shines upon silver 
embracing the succulent throat, 
the predator snarls upon such a vision
and the prey starts to gloat.

"Your pale complexion, doesn't make me feel fear
 your fangs don't terrify me, as you wont come near" 
The predator smiles a cheshire like grin,
 stares upon a naked wrist where silver should have been.

"But miss you seem to have forgotten a bracelet in a rush"
with this statement her mortality he does crush.

Each single drop of crimson delight
never ceases to quench his thirst,
as the victim drifts away into her future hearse.

He wipes his mouth and with haste disappears
no longer in sight,
until tomorrow when the predator stalks.
Another victim in the moonlight.

© 2012 {A}shley {B}lack @-;-

Author's Note

{A}shley {B}lack @-;-
I've been watching too much vampire diaries and true blood so those are the inspiration for this poem

Please review and be honest as always

Thank you all for reading I appreciate it

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Always room for a great vampire story.from the very start of this poem you captured my attention and I was thrillingly intrigued all the way through. A pleasure.

Posted 10 Months Ago

I loved that with each word, it gave my mind the ability to dance with the meaning. So sensual and free, the predator extremely arrogant, as it seems the prey was, as well, until their bluff was called. Amazing, write. ;)

Posted 3 Years Ago

I LOVE this!!!! The imagery is strong and vivid and beautiful. Not to mention the story told here is sooooooo awesome!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I haven't watched either of the shows (I've been living under a rock, lmao), but I enjoyed it since it wasn't reminiscent of twilight (boooo). Not often do I come across vampire poetry that doesn't exclude the sappy overrated romance. I didn't even picture the new-age pretty vamp when reading this--in my head it was just a dark figure stalking its prey while cloaked in shadow.

Personally, all good poets are ones that can tell a story fluently.

Great write!

PS - Forgot to mention, I love the rhyme in this piece simply because it wasn't overly done and so didn't come off as sing-songy like a lot of poetry does when using rhyme.

Posted 6 Years Ago

You should watch too much tv more often. I love the use of language here. Some of the rhymes sounded forced, but not so much that they distracted me.

Posted 6 Years Ago

The use of language is really good in this one.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Well watch away because you really have a way with writing this kind of genre. I think your a natural..hey let me see those teeth lol ;) Great write..x

Posted 6 Years Ago

the power this contains and the story told are magnificent. be careful not to force your rhymes for fear of sounding childish.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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{A}shley {B}lack @-;-
{A}shley {B}lack @-;-

Sheriffhales, Shropshire , United Kingdom

I Am Ashley Black (an alter ego ) I have a dark mind when it comes to my poetry as the strongest emotions come from negative RETURNING- I have been distant from this site for a while but I am fina.. more..