After All This Time...

After All This Time...

A Story by ~ Czarina Iris ~

Wow, my Saturday sounds like some stupid teen romance novel with a very bad plot line xD

  Stacking shelves wasn't my idea of a great job when I applied, but here it is, my second week at work and I'm rather enjoying it. The hours are the only tough thing about it really. Wake up at four thirty in the morning, show up for six, then stand for eight hours on a concrete floor, but it's really fun.
  I turned away from my co-worker, Jay, and glanced through the packed hallway to see three familiar faces. "Sydney! Carmen!" Then my heart started racing. Mark.
  "Oh, hey, Czarina." Sydney replied. "How are you?"
  Not taking my eyes off the tall, blue eyed boy who'd stolen my heart, I replied with a simple "I'm doing fine, how about you?"
  "We're doing great." Carmen answered.
  Mark smiled down at me. "Hey."
  "Hey," I replied feeling my heart strain against my rib cage. 
  "Well, we'll see you later." Sydney said happily as she started away. Carmen followed, a bright smile etched on her face. "See ya," Mark added before, he too, joined them.
  I watched with a heavy heart as they walked away, silently pleading him to come back. He never did. 
  Pulling myself away from where he had disappeared, I went back to work. Cleaning up the display, fetching jugs, re-stacking the shelves of berries, anything I could think of that would keep my mind off him. Nothing did. My heart still ached as though I'd lost everything important to me.
  I guess he didn't realize it but, when he took my heart, he kept it, shattered it into thousands of tiny pieces...
  So, if his intentions were never to even give me chance after raising my hopes, why am I still mourning him? I thought I was over him so why, when I saw him, did my heart start sprinting like a mustang across the wide open prairie? And why am I still asking these same questions when the answers remain hidden from my restless mind?

© 2010 ~ Czarina Iris ~

Author's Note

~ Czarina Iris ~
Pardon any spelling mistakes or any jumping (my fingers get ahead of my brain so I lose my previous thought and type something that shouldn't be where it is). I didn't write this out and edit it. I just needed to write...

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This story was very sweet, and heartfelt. I didn't even notice any spelling errors, because they don't bother me. I couldnt really find a plot to this story, but even so, it didn't really need one. Because stories don't need a plot, or a meaning to it. All that matters, is that once you've comer up with a story, it's yours. I really liked this, because I can relate. Once I think I like a boy, I can't stop liking him. No matter what.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was a bitter sweet story. The pain and confusion is felt. It reminds me of something I went through. That feeling is something I'll never forget. Well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ok wel it's stacking, but that's the only mistake I've seen. AW, I thought it was cute and the ending was sad. i guess you dated this guy before? Don't worry there is a guy for you out there though and he won't shatter ypur heart.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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~ Czarina Iris ~
~ Czarina Iris ~

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