30 Hours

30 Hours

A Poem by ~ Czarina Iris ~

What will you do to help?



So hungry

How long has it been?

A day?

Two days?

A week it seems...

Is there no one who will help me?

I'm but a child,

Hardly five years old,

Living in poverty.

Does no one care?

Will no one save me?



So hungry,

I wish someone would care.


I'm so weak.

Do you have food to spare?

I have nothing,

No food, no shelter, no heat.

Can you please

Spare something for me to eat?

I'm but a child

Of five years old

My family is dead

I am so cold...



I'm so cold,

No one cared for me.

I wished,

I prayed,

But no one thought of me.

I begged, I pleaded,

I got down on my knees.

I thought someone would care

If I saw the next morn.

I was but a child

of five years old

The world was a wonderful place

So I was told.

But I saw none of it

but the village where I lived

And nobody cared

Whether I died or lived.



I'm hungry,

But it won't last forever.

Another dollar,

Another bill,

I've not nearly enough.

There are children in Africa

Much hungrier than I

Who starve everyday.

If they do it,

So should I.

I will

Make a difference,

I won't let them die

Not as long as there's something

They need I can provide.

I won't let children

Drop dead like flies

Because they don't have

What they need to survive.

I won't let families

Be torn apart

Because some are too gready

And others have no heart.

I refuse to let people

Leave loved ones behind

And leave their children alone

No hand that will guide.

And so I will fast,

And I will do so quite happily

Because the thing that I'm saving is

Somebody's family

© 2011 ~ Czarina Iris ~

Author's Note

~ Czarina Iris ~
This is for the 30 Hour Famine tomorrow.
This is my third year doing the famine with the school. Each year, we raise a few hundred dollars and send it to World Vision Canada who - in turn - use it to pay for food, clean water, and medicin for people living in third world countries who are in desperate need of help.
I am proud to be a part of something like this, to know that I'm making a difference. 30 Hours without food is a small price to pay, it gives you a small taste of what it truly means to be hungry and - once you understand how it feels - you can't help but feel the need to help those who live with it everyday.
If you are able, I strongly encourage you to do the Famine. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of others.

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Added on April 8, 2011
Last Updated on April 8, 2011
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~ Czarina Iris ~
~ Czarina Iris ~

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