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Alex Johnson the teenage heartthrob of his school was sitting in his room watching TV. He was so engrossed in the soccer match between Barcelona and Real Madrid that he couldn’t hear the door knob being turned. Alex wanted Ronaldo to score just one goal so that Real Madrid could win. In this excitement he couldn’t hear the footsteps that were coming from the lobby. At last Real Madrid won the match. Alex was so ecstatic that he couldn’t control his joy. He decided to go to the kitchen and get himself a beer before his parents returned as they would make a fuss about it. As he opened the fridge he could sense somebody was standing behind him. As soon as he turned to look something hit him hard and everything went blank. The Johnson’s house was filled with policemen and photographers. Mrs Johnson was inconsolable and Mr Johnson had a blank expression throughout the investigation. The body had been found in a pool of blood beside the fridge. The forehead had a big wound in it like a big dent on a car. Alex’s shirt was gone and while the policemen searched his drawers and his cupboards his clothes and other belongings were found to be missing. It baffled the policemen as no money or jewellery was stolen from the house. Photographers weren’t allowed to enter the house so there was a lot of commotion outside. The body had been taken for autopsy. Alex’s friends had been questioned regarding any fight or anything unusual which happened with Alex in school. Almost everybody replied negatively as he was somebody on whom all the girls had a huge crush on and he was also an idol for many boys as he was the captain of the soccer team. But one of his best friends told them that there was a girl named Dakota in his class who had had a huge crush on Alex but recently something had happened with her that she wasn’t coming to school since a very long time. The head of the police department Mr Russo went to the principal to check her records. The records said that she had been absent from the school one day before the murder took place. Upon more investigation her classmates told him that she always used to be very quiet and used to behave very strangely around people especially Alex. Dakota’s desk partner had once seen that Alex and his ex-girlfriend were having a heated conversation with her because of which she was crying and since then she had been acting more and more weird. Now Mr Russo was feeling suspicious so he took his team to Dakota’s house. At the same time around 1500 miles away from them a girl wearing a Real Madrid jersey was driving a red Audi. Looking in the rear view mirror she smiled to herself thinking about the touch of his body and his smell. Oh that damn boy she thought. What had he made her do? But she had no regrets. She stopped at the lake nearby and threw the stained hockey stick and all the photos and drawings she had kept with herself so safely. Staring at her reflection in the water she saw somebody else. She had changed into something more sinister more dirty than she had ever imagined but she liked it anyway.

© 2017 Bhavya

Author's Note

Please ignore the grammar mistakes as this is my first post. I hope you all like it:)

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Good one, quite interesting

Posted 10 Months Ago

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10 Months Ago

Thank you🙂

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A Story by Bhavya