I Am A Modern Pagan

I Am A Modern Pagan

A Poem by 222333

I am a modern pagan. The roots of Yggdrasil run deep through me. Every rock, every tree, every creature, they are my brothers and my sisters. The death of others gave me life, and in time I will die so that others may live. Spirit of Odin, spirit of Freya, spirit of Thor, they are strong within me. In Odin's path I seek truth for the sake of truth no matter how inconvenient it may be. I believe nothing on faith, and question everything. I care not who is offended, or how they persecute me. I care not how hurtful the truth may be. I can not rest until I know the truth. In honor of Freya, I refuse to let anyone control me. My choices are my own. My destiny will be my own. I will never be slave to another. If I do bad, the consequences are mine to bear and no-one else's. I ask no salvation and I expect none. I piss on Christ's forgiveness. In the footsteps of Thor, I will face any challenge and brave any danger if I must to protect my race. As Tyr gave his hand to bind the wolf Fenrir, so I long to give my life in service of my race, and be welcomed by my friends in Valhalla. There is nothing I fear more than dying peacefully in my old age. Charging bravely into the blazing barrel of a gun, weapon in hand, in service of my race, that is the death for me. Life is but a series of endless, repetitive turnings. Though we live more-or-less in peace for now, I know that some day we'll be back to killing one-another again as we have for countless eons past. Like the gods endlessly preparing for their battle with the giants, knowing they have no hope of victory yet determined to fight bravely nonetheless, every day I prepare myself to fight to the death against impossible odds when the next turning arrives. I have no expectation to win, but that's OK. Fighting bravely to the death against an unbeatable foe is its own reward. I want no heaven. I want only to die knowing that I have done what was right. Everywhere I go, I see massive houses, well kept lawns, fancy cars, and all manner of other empty, useless luxuries. What a meaningless life, endlessly pursuing such things! Are we determined to destroy each and every living thing merely to make space for more useless distractions? How alone I am away from everything green and growing, surrounded by the dead creations of empty men and women! Endlessly, tirelessly, I seek after wisdom, knowledge and truth. Endlessly my foes cast lies before me, and conceal the truth from me. May Odin open my eyes to that which is hidden from me. Endlessly I am told to do this or to not do that, to go here or to not go there. Endlessly the ignorant seek to save me from myself. May Freya give me the freedom to control my own destiny, to make my own choices and to do as I please. May she save my not from my own choices, but save me from all who would save me from myself. Endlessly my foes seek to weaken me, to make me helpless, to make me dependent. May Thor give me the strength to overcome any challenge, to strike down any barrier. My foes bring vast numbers of people of other races and other religions, who neither share my values nor respect them, into my home against my will. At the same time they are ever going abroad to murder those who have done me no wrong. The gods built an immense wall around Asgard and were ever ready to defend it from any giants who trespassed within, yet never went out thereof to attack the giants needlessly. How I long to make a home with those of my race who share my faith, to put a bounty on the severed head of any person of any other race or any other religion who trespasses within it, but to do no harm to any person who does not invade our home.

© 2017 222333

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Added on October 2, 2017
Last Updated on October 2, 2017
Tags: Asatru, pagan, heathen, religion