A Prayer To The Aesir

A Prayer To The Aesir

A Poem by 222333

My personal prayer to the old gods of Europe, on behalf of myself and everyone of my race who shares my values.

From far away, through long forgotten mists of time, I your long lost child call to you, the gods of old, the gods of my ancestors. Long have we forgotten, long have we gone astray, yet now I call to you from ancient times, to help us in this dire hour. Save us from the god of Abraham. Give us your wisdom and your strength. Guide us back to our true faith.

Odin, wise one, endlessly seeker of knowledge, do not spare our souls. There is no truth I fear to learn. Give us the truth for the sake of the truth, no matter how much it upsets us. Give us the courage to seek the truth despite all who persecute us because they fear to know the truth. Give us the courage to sacrifice ourselves to ourselves, so that we may gain wisdom for ourselves.

Freya, mistress of fate, changer of destinies, do not save us from ourselves. Give us not endless rules and restrictions. Let us each think what we will, say what we think, and do as we please. Let us each reap the rewards of our own virtues, and suffer for our own vices. Save us from those who would save us from ourselves.

Thor, mighty warrior, strong and able, give us the strength to overcome any challenge, and the humility to know our limits. Lead us not astray in distant lands to fight those who have done us no wrong, but give us the strength to smite those who attack us from without, and those who betray us from within. Give us the courage to face our destruction and rebirth.

All which is, was before and will be again. Everything repeats, yet nothing is the same. The beginning of wisdom is the courage to face the hated truths. Our choices are our own. There is none to save us from the fates we make for ourselves. We must be strong, but can never be omnipotent. We must smite those who harm us, yet do no harm to those who do us no harm.

© 2017 222333

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Added on October 2, 2017
Last Updated on October 2, 2017
Tags: Asatru, pagan, heathen, religion, prayer