A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

Over land of moon and shade
Boy walk with rope and candle light
At eyes lonely and only hope
He was slave for wealthy tribe lords
They drunk him with dark heavy vine and spice drugs
They abuse him with violence and laugh
They give him pain and suffer
One night litlle girl slave
Open his torturing gate
You shall be free like lonely swan
She give him bread and red beer
Now pleaso go leave your pain
Leave me I am already death inside
She pull knife to her suffering heart
She dont scream she just blow her breath
And her life turn to death
Rain from dark sea to his tearing eyes
And lonely walk over hard stones
To the flesh to the bone
He find death corpse of deer with rotten head
Use sharp stone to divide good and bad
No fire flames to clean dirt of death
He eat raw flesh he drink raw blood
He will be strong enough
To walk over his life path
On end of this doom land
On end of forest there is smoke
From chiney made from pink stone
House is build from human bones
Inside pale blond girl
With just one eye
At her hand Slaviv sword

I will kill my enemy
I will kill at my name
I will kill you
Boy went on his knees
Take of his clothes
Look at me I am naked worm
I am tired from heavy hatred storm
She show him where he belong
Naked bellow her bed
Like slave dog like slave boy
At dreams they meet again
At dreams they make love
At dreams turn to hot lovers
They woke with rain and wind
She saw symbol slavery on his chest
She give him touch
He shivering like golden birch
She give her tongue inside his mouth
Is was not evil act
Act of love act of mercy
Ending of the pain
Warm of body on his face
At dream love hug
Symbol of danger new war rise
They came during the night
Drunk warriors they rape and kill
His love
He have to watch they give him
Sword and shield and send him
Inside of battle field
Killers is his name
He kill so many of them

On his face blood
He close his eyes
BNoy turn to man with bitter heart
Boy is death and death blood is black
Boy endure pain and his dream was slain
To the death soil at name of vain
One day war is over
He went alone
At cold mountains
He sleep
Hunting lonely xcreatures
Always aiming to heart
Like ruthless god
Over rivers walks
Fish dying at his mouth
Moon sw his smile
At night he dream about poor girl
But evil hold him still
Desire to somebody to kill
Over snow fields there is nordic star
Land calm meditation
And he fall to ice hole
They find him people of north
Take him to snow village
To the house of healling souls
Young woman at white and blue
She make magic of nordic universe
You belong to our tribe
You are one of our live
Open his wound and blow
She kiss him strong there
Her eyes was close

He fly over death sky
To rising souls
She was there girl house of bone
She smile to his eyes
She let him cry to hers
I forgive you --------you dont protect me
Now we are free
Do you member on me
I am your girl who you love
I am your belowed wife
I am your dying heart
They kissing again
Over hot lips
Life and death
At this place
They are happy they are lovers
White clothes open the dead sky
He was back from land of death
Woman at white blue
Give him hot milk with ice
You can drink
I will love you I saw your dream
I will be at your blood
I will give you love
Naked body is flame
Man hold heat inside of her meat
End of slavery
Begin to love
Sun on skin so warm and thin
When moment of love
Endure any war
He is at love
With goddees of love

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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wowww,,what a story!! I really love this, one of my favorites of yours, my dear!! I love the images of war, mixed with the images of such beautiful self-less love..

Posted 2 Years Ago

Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

2 Years Ago

Thanks is was quiet long write. And my imagination just went out.

2 Years Ago

He is at love
With goddees of love

He is not the only one,, Fabulous!! xxx

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1 Review
Added on October 21, 2015
Last Updated on October 22, 2017