I am freak

I am freak

A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

It s deep more than my imagination
Your face picture at my dreams
I hold you and let you fly
Sounds of metal during the your cry night
You trust and believe there is no relive
Your head went mad and your heart became death
Closing eyes and closing dreams
You touch me twice still dont know
If was real or just god will
Now you are not here you left me with blank emotion
Can i watch you when you sleep
Promise at your blood turn to poison
Creation of love dont belong to us
I was at illusuion of your eyes
All symbols and signs looks like truth of universe
All was compeling untill you open another door
I stay alone with my pain
Black visions come to me
Like your voice

Ocean of thoughts was completly wrong
I cannot swim inside there is your trap
You change my life for whorst
I cannot trust and i cannot be yours
Flames burn my soul to lonely hole
History is back with razor blade
On my sweating neck
At dark park you burn on my skin slave mark
Ashes from my heart and nothing can be mine
Sad eyes with dry tears
Mouth screaming own fears
Night is my lonely lover cover me with my tongue
On white bed sheet blood from my wound
Nothing is death and i want live
So I choose grieve
To me you are best
I never leave your picture at my head
Can i touch your empty bed

When you are not in can I sleep and wait
For you and my dream open new love scene
Your house have so many lights
But only one is yours and only me can be yours
My words never reach silence of your sleep
You will be lonely with other one
Too kind and too nice nothing like suprise
Pretty face cannot make real emotions
If you still keep my sign to your rainbow eye
Like drug my blood cam mix with yours
We can get trip and we can be great hearts
At your hair I can lost my future
We can pain window at black
And our room get color from blood and red
Voice turn to pleasure dance
Is there that second chance
Open my eyes and open my hands
To your body and soul

On floor I am naked like your sweat
You can drink me with your tongue
Let swallow my destiny
At your skin there tatoo of my sin
When father abuse me with his wet desire
And I have to lear endure pain
And lonely my own scream
And my mother watch tv and drink gassoline
I were simply lonely freak
They call me joke of the last week
My trust was burn when my sister make another turn
With my boyfriend she run to basement
There they betrayl me she get pregnant
Now I am here weirdo and queery
Wait for your charms at your arms
Can you love me
Can you love freak like me

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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Added on October 24, 2015
Last Updated on October 31, 2017