be strong

be strong

A Poem by WRITER-----------POET

Black leahter with black feather
Make you women of glamour hot night
You make ride on your self
With poetry suicidle notes
With music of underground tones
With pictures of dirty muck
You have just one desire to be at luck
Swiming pool like pink hot heart
Kiss for me kiss for them
There is hot burning sand
Inside happy worms of spices
Your crown with gentle diamond
There is your rule and there is your love
Frozen air by cruel moon
You eat carrot with hare from lonely woods
Candle have black flame
Warm and hot
You try keep your love
Over your happy house

Black white floor black white clothes
Black hair with white rose
Black eyes make love
You try dance but there is no music
All went death
Your boyfriend have bad ideas
You take children drum
Druming to lonely sun
Sing along about your sad life
No time to pretend
Show them who you realy are
And what you feel
You are not anybody wagon wheel
You are not satelite of love
You are not make up
You are not shadowplay
You are not pleasure
You dont lost control

On boat on silver river
Where moon and stars make love
There is no violence of music
Gentle prudence and weird creation
Clothes made from claun rags
Color hair from burning rainbow
Sexual relationship with dust and powder of living hearts
At hong kong garden
Drink vine from mouth of goddees
Daughter of sun
She bring exotic flower
Inside is hearty power
Just white T shirt and London skirt
No politic stAtements or pamflet
Inner soul at spiritual revolution
Open wounds to own resolution
Accept multi gender and multi loves
Sign is strong

So what Israel or Palestine
Same people who need open minds
No nationality or tribes wars
Just search from inside
Just search hard
Just search you
Dark and flame
You are person and there is love and there is universe
You are god not him or her
They cannot control your soul
They cannot control your blood
They cannot control what is yours
You got armour you got sword
You dont need war
Open your heart and mind
For you and love
If you are boy take lipstick
Take polish nails take women clothes
And sing about how you lost your weak violence side

© 2017 WRITER-----------POET

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Awesome poem! That would be hard for me to make a poem like that especially that long. Nice work!

Posted 2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

Your welcome!

2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago


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1 Review
Added on November 1, 2015
Last Updated on October 22, 2017