A Poem by Chaotic poetic

Timotchi take night train
To the north island
There was sun and cold on the peak of hills golden snow
She smile to her palms
When she entrance to bamboo house
Beautiful exotic women offer her hot tea and hot bed
There is room with red light
You can be close to the moon side
You can have dream aboit your very frist night
You can touch me with beat of your heart
We are sisters of lonely order
We were born at disorder
We love each other
Our pain is our hope
To find long rope what can get out of our misery
She say  love
She say for her
She is at her mouth
Like melting ice cream

Spliting juice on the bamboo floor
Hot emotions inside kissing eyes
Blood is like universe
Stream of new race
Create hand at hand
Smile for nothing more than own fate
Hold the light
Make new way
With you understandt please
I search for you like golden treasure
Now we can explore our faith and trust
Hold each other flesh
With spirit of youth and love
When end bring another story
You can be free
On your hair sunlight
Rainbow on your back

Walking over water close to broken train
With hat and sutcaise
At tenis shoes
Gentle feeling
Gentle like you and me
There is house of swans free
We open the door and say thank you
To the wind and sun and snow
To the love what blow
To the rain with rainbow
Make sure our lifes
Are strong at our arms
Open the windows and let all in
Gentle and strong
Sit on the chair
You are on your knees
Make from flower blossom like golden bees
You are

At white army clothes
With gun like tongue
Hot and over storm
Rise me like your child
Hold me with your appetite
Make sure i am not lost
Inside your head and heart
Give me your hot fingers
Massage of golden love
When you can make moist my dry sand
And open my last sense
End is not at life
Run with me over empty road
Run for me
Run on land of joy
Run bellow my tongue
Run and sing that song


© 2017 Chaotic poetic

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Added on December 18, 2015
Last Updated on October 21, 2017


Chaotic poetic
Chaotic poetic

Brattelboro, VT

I am person who is ability writing in correct format is completely is not possible. I canot follow any rules or structures of proper writing I create my Languedoc-Roussillon on my own is call poetic c.. more..