Sada, Kichi Futari-kiri

Sada, Kichi Futari-kiri

A Poem by 1975 MCMlXXV

Dark is inside of human sacrifice
Love is light without bulb
Inside of her mind she hold him so tight
When she decide to end up his life
Before was flames of passion
Flesh of mad love emotions of breathing gods
She make him on live
There is our bed she said
At her lips was great power
To seduce freedom and erotic itself
When she smile at red kimono
And naked soul at naked body
He touch her with drunk fingers
She give him food with her own juice
Feed him like baby and love him like baby
At hot bath with blue soap
Foam on golden skin
Tongue is magic thing
Not just when she sing

Feeding each other mouth from mouth
Let s sleep on my floor
I am women with beautiful face
I can open your heart
I feel when you are inside
Black color is pleasure
Like my night with my eyes
We can cross bridge and look and search
Where is our highest point
At black car at golden sun
You can drive me over my road
With speed of endless blow
Dont betrayl me with your wife
Be just my and just my man
Dont go back to your home
Stay with me leave her alone
Give me and make more
Dont forget you are my golden sword

No matter my blood
We make over and we make golden river
at night bridge you and i walk
Night train to the station of love mei
Straglingg is so good I feel like phoenix
I give you back skin of the heating red
Soldiers walk without love
I cut my hair to my tears
You were not here
So I have to be living thing
At my mouth kitchen knive
Not yeat my dear not yet my baby
Wait untill your fall
Now we walk with rain and moon
There is white color
Blind like love and justice
Please stay untill I can see
I need your sense and i need your strong root

But you are gone like winter wind
For this I gona make deathly sin
When youn come again in
With flower and with tea cakes
I have ready my rope
You are my one only hope
Just like game at name of love
I hang you like pig
Your color is white and your love is death
This is  what you get
My punish and my love
Forever together
No more separation
No more tears to my sex
No more leaving and hiding
No more lies after nights

© 2017 1975 MCMlXXV

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Added on December 20, 2015
Last Updated on October 21, 2017


1975 MCMlXXV
1975 MCMlXXV

Funk jazz blues, VT

I am writing cause I feel so good pour out all my fantasy and emotions and sharing my thoughts about life and other stuff. English is my last language so it's kind of experimental writing.maybe some o.. more..