At your healing

At your healing

A Poem by Chaotic poetic

At your powerful clothes
Camouflage of your visage

Try to play game
With my soul and body
Let my blood to flow like spice of space
Strong wet taste
At your mind of thirst
Walking with me at night streets
I am on the lash
Chains around my neck
Slaveship of your faith
You show me world
Like one scream of pain at your pleasure
Shadows are at your eyes
Voice of thousands victims at your heart
Stairs lead to bitter end
I am still on the chain
At your hands my golden heart
Try to open that path

Dark is your mind
Dreams are not too nice
Love is just war at your blood
You pick me on frozen road
Like women pick up lonely stone
To throw away inside to heavy storm
Screaming like wind at your open space
When you lead me there
Hypnose mind cellar
There is my will at your mind
Lonely women from lonely big run
Hide at shadow of radioactive sun
Now I am done
At end of your dream
Pain you always make real
At clothes of what was never seen
At dirty blood

White is room with your sad tune
Whisper like sunshine
World is rise
At ears and at music
What you listen during our session
Force me to make confession
About my mother
She beat me with sharp hands
To my mouth and to my eyes
To my breast and to my life
She was master of my kind
She were killer of my heart
She were angel of the dark
I were lonely child
Wounded from adults games
Scream for any help
And no one came

She nooded her beautiful head
Now you are at me
I will cure your life
Here is pool with hot water
Wash away your pain and wash away well
This is soap from my fat and lard
My palms are cleaners of your dirt
Dive to deep and dont fall to sleep
Remmeber when you breath
You a are not just meat
You are also spirit and healer
You are sun star
Lesson of your pain
End up now
Here is new your rise
Kiss my blood at my wound
Let s be strong

© 2017 Chaotic poetic

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Added on January 9, 2016
Last Updated on October 22, 2017


Chaotic poetic
Chaotic poetic

Brattelboro, VT

I am person who is ability writing in correct format is completely is not possible. I canot follow any rules or structures of proper writing I create my Languedoc-Roussillon on my own is call poetic c.. more..