A Poem by Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31

Cut own roots and cut what you fear
Press from society hurts and can make you slave
Conversative laws for no human soul

Path of good can lead to hell
What you can do how broke that spell
How make freedom for myself
Feel missearable and depress
Feel like slave and feel lonely
Feel sad and without touch
Smile is mask and cry is secret
At hands reading own fate
Have inside self hate
Make mess at bed room
Try to find way out
Where to go over sea and over board
Or you can stay at own place
Dont leave what you love
Watch movies and read books
Paint future at the blue

Room is hole room is love
At room you can breath like human
Even toaillet can be empty botlle
Hold body when you watch adult movie
Drink untill beter dream
Stay inside like happy star
Not need to face it
With humans who wants change you and judge you
With lovers who want eat you on live
With parents who want keep you at they dreams
You have enough
You leave
Now at room happy and drunk soon
Watching lonely moon
Touch walls and touch pictures and frames
Be happy with your self
Be open like window

Young people need something ellse
Something to feel be on alive
What they can find
Kingdom of own room with pleasures and wisdoms
What they create what they trust
Self hate can make you death
But you can make end
At own bed with dreams and heavy sleep
Computer like mirror own thoughts
Share and like
But there is something come
Feel of lonely feel of sad end
No friends or lovers
Drink like without reason
At photo album not photo
No memories no realativies
No reasons to leave

Human life became weak
There is reason
There is something to open
Comunication is hard and no live
Alone is more safe
Alone is more perfect
Alone can close mind and heart
Work is only duty without joy
No hope for lonely soul
Hikimory is not joke hikimory is not fun
Busy streets cannot offer
What you need
No love no calm place to stay
No find the way
To real world
What you want
Open heart like the world

© 2017 Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31

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Added on January 9, 2016
Last Updated on October 22, 2017


Euchrid Eucrow  22.   23.   31
Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31


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