my last hope

my last hope

A Poem by Chaotic poetic

At my world at my life
There is something what fall to apart
Like holy picture at my open palm
Like girl tears at my eyes

Like fire over my hair
I try be strong at mine life
Open next door without key
Just knock and set me free
Like last swan at lonely lake
Try to open try to live
Try to love try to fought
For own personal god
At north shore
I hold cold sand
Kiss lonely waves
Dance around the stones
Find my own soul
Inside that girl
Inside you

Quiet and silence for nothing
Feel that pain inside of my chest
Be down and unrest
With my own quest
To the lonely land
Have more open head
Accept what s my enemy
Take truth and let it roll
Swim inside of lies
Make smile and dont be wise
When hard trying lead to loneky path
Fly to dying sun
Have something done
Like own daughter and son
At empty room
With books of lies
Smile is still good mask

My thoughts went through my life
I try again not to fight
About anything about your end
Anyway no one understandt
When you make miracle of life
You women at cradle of fate
You hold my dreams
You take me to your home
With bed room and candles
Hot tea from mountains
To my open mouth
I can taste
Spirit of old legends
At ocean without you
I dive to deep tears
Personal women like you
Will be always missed

At my life there was just 2 great events
Both were short and both went wrong
Grive was painful like my chest
I hate this holes inside of me
I try again walk
But my pain dont let me
My feet became something weak
I cannot stand another eyes at mine
I know is not too kind
I feel lonely and hurt
People never give me
What I want
Only love and only one
Make new life inside of me
Feel that warm
Feel that love
Feel me

© 2017 Chaotic poetic

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Added on January 10, 2016
Last Updated on October 22, 2017


Chaotic poetic
Chaotic poetic

Brattelboro, VT

I am person who is ability writing in correct format is completely is not possible. I canot follow any rules or structures of proper writing I create my Languedoc-Roussillon on my own is call poetic c.. more..