Nara child

Nara child

A Poem by Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31

Snow white deer at blue light
Your name mean nice fregnant child
Gentle walk with firm breath
Like mute swan and screaming moon
You are women at hands of spiritual searching
Can you make me one more time
Over land where dreams die
Touch my wound with wings of your angel
Treasure at your heart
We meet again bellow cold sky
At mountains of wild calm mind
Winter like symbol of new rise love
From ashes and from my pain
You as well have cruel moment
But You did at your own way
Cut your self from your dreams
Accept your label of slavery
Agree with them and special with her
Quiet and stay alone at your room

Same like today
Just change of scenery
Otherwise all same and you are sad
With fake happy pictures
Meeting with people is act stage
You are queen and you cover your rage
At your bed room
You are something else
Crying women with no love to give
Dreams are only one way to stay on life
And your cat
Dont have name
Cause names means pain
Like mine and like yours
And you dont want be
Again hurt
So you stay at your dreams

At morning when you eat
I am at sleep
You take bus to your job
At uniform at strange rob
Smile and cheer up broken souls
At toaillet again alone
Like stone at ice water
Armour of your soul
You read and listen to jazz songs
Candle is warm at your breathing
Blue window dont shine to help
You laugh when you call home
At wire is great storm
Cat eat your lunch
From box what you buy
At bookstore
Where you read my story

At night it s you without lover
Your hands play game
To pretendt you are at stranger hands
And you feel something inside
But it s just you
At bed of lonely cold
Watch sweat on the wall
Hold something strong
Like memmory when you mock me
At basement of artic cold
Shout on me
Make unity and dont let me in
And now you are
Lonely without real friends
Yoyu know they like you cause you are Japanese
And no cause you are beautiful person
And that hurts

© 2017 Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31

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Added on January 28, 2016
Last Updated on October 21, 2017


Euchrid Eucrow  22.   23.   31
Euchrid Eucrow 22. 23. 31


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