we love each other

we love each other


At deep mystery
You walk with bags and books
At your eyes shape of moons
Grass is open and soft
You lay down and you see me
At river of ice and cold
Colour at your face and teeth
All is one beautiful sun
I erase my favourite art
And you toke place at my life
Gentle like Ikebana and strong like zen heart
You came from dark
With cane and holly rabitt
Skin is still cold and your hair are black stars
At lips warm liquid and hot flame
You at desire ti be at fame
And my eyes are full of shame
Can you take me to your dream
Over path and over golden mud

We listen to Mono records
Bass guitar player is like you
Strong and open
Smiling inside of my painful dark
Where all streams make one cyrcle of the blood
Sounds of my body at your mouth
Reason to be born and make love
Read books by Haruki
And draw pictures to the cold faces
Storm at your body
Flesh turn to your soul
And open blood on white sheet
This is me cause I bleed
For your power to feed for you love on this white sheet
You make cross on my chest
Sit there and let your body make rest
And I fill up your next qest

Inside your black honey nest
Pulsing my heart
Waters of melting cold souls
This is the tears and this is my broken dreams
And you give me pain
For better future and without you all universe make suicidle
I follow you with my love and fregille beauty
Roses are empty like your eyes
You decide no more cry
I wish you my best and give my body
To be tortured and changed
To your picture at your universe
Became star and became old
You kiss me with your hair
On my golden square
Be at love with you is very rare
And you are unique

At music and tones
At dark of your mother bones
You make gentle en trance
To my broken world
I feel your tongue like katana sword
And your breasts like flames of waterfall
I am inside and I am happy
When you open next window
Cold wind on my heating skin
Scratch me with your finger nails
And make deep trace
My blood openly get to you
And you suck my spirit
And kiss my lips
And reflectors at your eyes
Make shades from my lies


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Added on March 1, 2016
Last Updated on October 22, 2017



Funk jazz blues, VT

I am writing cause I feel so good pour out all my fantasy and emotions and sharing my thoughts about life and other stuff. English is my last language so it's kind of experimental writing.maybe some o.. more..