A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

At the night beast are out
Fool people who ignore own beauty
They are stupid and they are quilty
Cut down throats of wisdom
Never accept any others ways
Than selfish ones and than they are lost
I am tired write about them
I am tired when they judge me
I am tired when they kill beauty
Rather sit at coffee bar with you
Girl from d c Wshington
Italian blood at your gentle heart
Words are like bell and resonation is great spell
When you look at me
My will is like broken tears
At move of your finger is pure light
Reason is at your promise
You were born to same cradle like Jesus
And your sisters are saint

House on the tree and soul is free
Hear sounds of the bees
When may give you next hope
Maybe belly can swallow
Stream of blood can feed up
Miracle from acid chemistry
Old the books can tell story
Hold on and left all the worry
At the woods where you play with rags dolls
Wind have power of your thoughts
Sun is at your ears
And you eat chocolate Jesus
Your mouth is dirty
Nothing goes bad
Even teeth are not yellow
Breath is fresh
Feet are at hot lake

Like holy women of heart and soul
Give me kiss over your hair
Try make better than my past
When you lead me over valley
With cows and your pregnant belly
You try keep me at line of right deed
Dont go at night on that street
Where women have no clothes
And boys are at danger very close
Beter stay home and better dont go
Create something more than money to w***e
Be gently and be happy
Rain dogs can dry at hospital
And we are angels of purpure light
At hands of fate and faith
At wings of hopeful ends

Come on up to the house
Tom Waits play on trumpeth
And you sing to ....
100 years go traweller to rose house....
Red wood weep with me
Cause life is musical party
All beauty at one song
This all make me cry
No sad things but happy things
Cause I cannot bellieve is realy  happening but is does
Like you
Like love
Like child twice time
Like Tom and black coffee
At corner mute poem
At front of the table great queen
And her name start on the great M ..

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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nice work... carry on the good work

Posted 8 Months Ago

Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

8 Months Ago

Dear earth thank you so much.

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1 Review
Added on April 2, 2016
Last Updated on October 24, 2017