A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

She cover his eyes
She push and make him so dreamy
At atic room with angels windows
They living near to west coast

At house of broken doors
Holes at ech floors
She love him like her own wings
He write poems just for her
Summer time brought more positive words
And they walk naked without clothes
Over white shiny bones
Smiles was gates to make another kiss
No mistakes never happen
No cruel tears cannot fall
No betrayl for pleasure
From tower they can see each star
Moon was behind
When they make love
Flames are warm and soft

At music of her arms
When she plays on the harf
Make another birth of new child
She dont scream she dont cry
Joy is like open water
Where anybody can sail on own dreams
Feeding of new rise
Bake bread and cut bacon down
Boil herb tea and call hwer self mom
Her new role have new spirit
Sea air and sea living
Walk every morning at wet sand
Moist is esence of any live
No matter what we will do
We have to follow this good streams inside of us
Love is not for free
And breathing is luxury

If snow fall and hair can groov
Like angels can fly
For more happines when they follow all the rivers
But not at crimson cult
Positive and positive
Like left and right
She know the places
Where they can go and where is always coffe hot
Lips are swelling from unstop bussines
Story like this have no end
Just happy line without interuption
Silent stars can tell story
Hands can hold something real and warm
Troubles are illusion
Break it in and became own dreams
Gentle like your and mine breathing
Face is beautiful at shine of red moon

White colour is colour of anything
When she wore her robe
All the world have more sympathy
When she dance all is at one sense
Blessing is at one joy
When she hold her son boy
She give him name like symphony
Dance is always at harmonny
And her hair always at ebony
When they walk over any holes
Poet give hands and hands give help
Keep them at safe zone
On the end of each song
Is not bell or mute cut
There is always her tongue
And poet make another poem

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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Added on April 5, 2016
Last Updated on October 24, 2017