A Poem by WRITER-----------POET

She walk at light and dark
She have razor and dreams
She open my eyes and let me to breath
Find out where is real love
Sounds of halucinated piano
At old house with open fire
But with no chimney
With her but not with me
Writing poems at my eyes
Make me see and make me to her arms
When she reach me
With her voice over broken tube
At cellar without floor
Air space is at her mouth
Agressive ritual for death mouse
Chigaco death house
Black clothes like her fresh skin
Inside the cage inside and in
Flames are at her left eye

Take it all to one deep hole
Make cover and make song
At empty room with one voice
Reasons are clear like her throat
When she tight me to her soul
Make spell for my faith
Cut my bad part to feed empty space
Replace my good with neutral
Stop my judge be at charge
Chains are out of corrosion
At her breath is conclussion
For myself and another planet
Her tongue at picture of the Mannet
You can see her at Schiele prostitute
You can feel her at Pollocks atidute
You can touch her at Toyen whomb
You can love her at drawing of myself

Receive old news
All world is at the blues
But she is not she have my spot
Inside her knot
I am who she got
And she dont give up me
At her steel tower set me free
For her games inside of the hot night
Stone floor have taste of my blood
And she come in with whip
Give me lesson for my pleasure
Give me anything inside of the love meassure
Give me her wounds to make me like child
She is come in and she is wild
Like rocky cat from mountains of north sun
Her finger nails are sharp
And my skin is done

Erase my soul from devil table
She is beautiful and able
To clean my sins with the pain and with the fire rings
Flames can clean anything
She is my lord who rule my word
Mother of the god and mother of my love
Wisdom can bring violence
But she come in with any sense
Paint on her face
Is not war is not peace
Include it all and make it more
Sweat on her clothes
Salt at her mouth
Ocean at her eyes
Blood at her palms
And me at her size

© 2017 WRITER-----------POET

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Added on April 9, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2017