A Poem by A BOUT DE SOUFLE 1960 _L' ETRE ET NEANT 1943

And is was after easter. Sunshine was warm but not too much. I search for new job to pay my debt. I find some kind of strange comunnity . They search for somebody who can help at garden . Boss was quiet wierd with Dutch accent. She gave orders like soldier at the trench. Do this and do that and dont waste time. At my mind was if I can meet with someone. Who can match to my soul. That will be great . Something like Ellen Page from Juno. Joyfull , gently and lovely. So actually this boss cannot realy touch me. And something more. And there she was women with smile and women with beautiful smell. This is Holly you will be worked with her. She have beautiful face and raven hair. She was realy friendly and open warm talker. This kind of normal questions at her voice. Ws more glamour poems what I heard. We spoke and I tell I get my troubles with my folks. slowly we became friends. We talk about our lives. What we did at the past. Why we are here. And she was great funny joker. She always pull my legs with her Minnesota accent. I member when someone have birthday . She make most wonderful cake with strawbery filling . We eat and sour cream around the our lips. We smile and I want realy hug her and give kiss. But I was shy and there was others eyes. I feel falling love with that women . Every day I feel more happy and sad. Funny things we live oposite each other . At attic of one the house. Sometimes I can hear when she breathed . At night I went for smoke . Cause my feelings dont allow me to sleep. When I get nausea from my smoke. I fall to mu dreams. And there she was again. I kiss her and hold her. At early morning when I was not fast . She was first at bathroom. I have to wait. And bathroom was free . She probably like hot shower. All was steamy and hot. And few black hairs at the drain . Is was beauiful like picture of surrealistic artist. I brush my teeth and there she was again. On that thiny stairs . She laugh when I have go to backwards. Again some jokes again that women wih warm kind heart. At garden again same feeling. When smile I want kiss her. And boss say today you will be cut grass. That s mean . I gona work alone . So I went on. Smell of oil and noise of engine. So cold and boring . After few hours I feel litlle like junkie. And at teabreak that pleasant time with her. This jokes and all comunication was like miracle. Is not happen often . I meet with someone who completly understandt what I feel . And also have compassion for my jokes . Share with me what this person feel. I was happy. And day was not finish yet I LOVE HER .

© 2017 A BOUT DE SOUFLE 1960 _L' ETRE ET NEANT 1943

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It was pretty good but there were a lot of spelling errors and grammatical errors. But other than that its really good and had a great mood to it. Great job on it! :) I hope you continue getting better and writing and experimenting with it cause honestly your writing could appeal to a LOT of people.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Hi thank you for your time and sorry for that errors . I am really happy even my writing don't have .. read more

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Added on May 28, 2016
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