our love is at heart of the god

our love is at heart of the god

A Poem by Chaotic poetic

At mysterious ways there is something hide
Is was you with smile and love
You brought deep emotions
And lovely prayers and songs
You rise what was hide inside of me
Great love at great heart
Unification was made and strong faith never faill
Cause beauty and gentle reasons
They hold what is real love
It s you at hands of the god
And here you lay at our bed
Read me what happen last night
Open warm flower and smell of angels
Creation at each other
There is reason why you have to go
And I cannot manage go there
Something is ready on the way
And your face on the picture
And you smell still inside of me

At your garden every day miracles
Every day is open light
You can read what is hide
At your eyes beautiful lansdcape
At soil symbols of your faith
You find some new stone
Old dust get wet from your sweat
You work hard for better future
At your room where is my picture
You write next letters over the sea
To let me know love is beautiful
Even over waves and storms
Cannot be break or go down
Always fly to close our hearts
Always keep what is warm
Like your kiss at your charm
Like vine at cup

And over throat you can feel strong message
You are women with kind brave heart
You got patient and faithfull eyes
Your life is open  prayer
You love is with desire and with that strange man
There is lot of things on the way
But you guys
You gonna make it you gonna have it
What you give this is  what you get
And you give lot every moment
And every word
There is so much love
And so much compassion for each other
And  all together
Make one happy couple like you
You are ready

Yellow flowers at my room
They touch your picture and postcards
They create very nice place here
Silent angels never leave
Like your heart left some beats
And I still smell of your skin
I try be happy and I try be hopeful
Roses can grove again
I can touch your clothes on your body
To feel our love
And make prayers and be grateful
For this miracle
And bread with vine
And eyes got nice shine
And you kiss me
Roses are back

© 2017 Chaotic poetic

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Added on June 13, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2017


Chaotic poetic
Chaotic poetic

Brattelboro, VT

I am person who is ability writing in correct format is completely is not possible. I canot follow any rules or structures of proper writing I create my Languedoc-Roussillon on my own is call poetic c.. more..