living loving birt5hing

living loving birt5hing

A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

Silent music and silent hours
Before i read few pages by japanese genius
But i want be with you
You are living over the sea

And freedom is at danger and love is hope
What i like about american soul there is always hope
There is always light even cannot be provide
And your smile wth so lovely child
And you heart at mine
And my poems at your night
It s geting lonely that waiting time
Try dont watch to any movies
But reading for hope and wroting for my love
Pain cannot prevail pain can vanish
At moment when i dream about you
When you hold me at your arms
Whisper words of what i like
Born universe and happy creatures
Long light at my room
Outside cold wet wind
Feeling magic and warm from cozy blanket
Solid and strong
Whistle at your moan

Rainbow road from Kannsas
To my home to you
To the new brave epic story
Fantasy and realistic end
New clear and clean crystal
At your throat at your heart
Spring is on the move
And very soon laughter
Rain can be snow but have to melt
Same like dark and same like bad spell
Open new chanell at waters of future
Boat can be like free swan
Joy at light of sun
Green grass with sunflowers
Bare feet and bare hands
Fly over the moon
Reason can get lost but we dont
Cause we are shining hope
And cross the street is shop with happy seed
Vibration of next levell
Drink hot tea

Drink untill all will be free
Morning smiling at your face
And evening is smooth ritual
At hot bath with wonderful soap
Promise at next dream
Try to catch new light
Over the forrest and over the lake
Run now to my arms
Sometimes you need suport
And sometimes is me
And sometimes we are so happy
And sometimes we need just one more hug
Ocean is open to our shoreline
Garden have beautiful circle and plastic space ship
And that white bucket is our rocket
Trawelling over our minds
At waves and shines
Feel it where is hiding place
At not what we love
We dont need hide

We need calm ride
Bellow the atlantic sky
No violence or other dark faith
All is at one blow light
Holding this universe and each other at our hearts
Slowly falling and slowly rising
Slowly living slowly loving
Slowly birthing slowly creating
Slowly touching slowly eating
Slowly drin king slowly washing
Slowly drying slowly smoothing
Slowly gentlying slowly smoothies
Slowly walking slowly running
Slowly sleeping slowly keeping
Slowly heart beating slowly sun
Slowly speed and slowly world
Slowly words and slowly smiles
Slowly creation and slowly salvation
Slowly oposite to rest of the world
Slowly is not lazy or coward act

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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Added on November 19, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2017