Lets make something beautiful

Lets make something beautiful

A Poem by Martin

Yes all became my heart

Yes you are there too
Yes i love you
My neurons create nice picture of our new meet
Smiles are half moons
Eyes are 2 suns
Your body like whole universe
Feel freedom and pleasure
Over atlantic travell like miracle
Clouds on your hair
Sunshine in betwenn fingers
Women of star light
Move like planet at system of love
Logic never fall to love never can save life
Never feel what we feel
On bridge of midnight kiss
Lamps are at stars bliss
Happy like child at arms of mother
Slowly to hold
Silver light from sky
Call to the night
And you will come
Path is clear and fresh like pie
Hot tea at your mouth
White gloves
White sun sky

At edges of the day
Sitt down and calm to share
Beautiful smell
From all around
Less can create more
Books are more friendly than other medium
You can absorb and explore at own time
You can hold for very long time
One moment what you love
Feel it words like human voice
No need wild ride no need be blind
Silence open all sense
And gentle music of Skye Edwards
Floating and moaning
To the air and open ears
Paint picture at frame of angels
My head at your palms
Litlle bells at snow
Now will come hot moment
Kiss to your body
Feel me like wings of desire
At cup of love
There is no need to get drunk
My hands became yours

Beats slowly dub record
At coffe shop of hearty queen
Silent fingers hold our lips
White walls with white lights
All is perfect and all is you
Still picture start to move
And dance like water fall
Beauty of your breathing
Face like flame and calm like morning
Roses are better at bride hands
And you are my future wife
Golden shadows at your eyes
It s take my breath out
To know all will be at wings of love
And you smile again
With that huckleberry pie
With that never ending smile
With black tea at China
Dreams are not hallucinations
They are platforms for new destinations
And this train it s so beautiful
You know landscape have your shapes
And you are there//////////////////////

With full belly and pay  bill to waiters Shelly
Time to go
Here is it sun and here is it earth
Slowly wake up and slowly eat
My love soon spiral will go another way around
Melting distance at melting way
Melting purple clothes at melting hands
Melting you at melting me
Streets are full of sweet goodies
And you insist we have to again watch Goonies
You love that funny mystery with happy ending on rainy beach
And silent kiss we can reach
And lovely song of Moorcheba
Green blue waves at your eyes
Hawai sands and Hawai sun
Whispering what happen last night
Is was bright and full of beauty
On the end

You laugh again about Cyrano
I feel you
At moment of sleep
At our love

© 2017 Martin

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Added on December 11, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2017



Praha , Le Paris , the new York , VT