Calming Women

Calming Women

A Poem by 1975 MCMlXXV

Around her moon eyes
Shadows falling from stars
Cannot cry not tonight
Pain is inside pleasure
Hands are inside of me
Her powerful will
Make me free

Hypnotic eyes
Voice of deep wisdom
She open the gate
To her beautiful kingdom
No dark or light
No good or evil
No death or live

Open valley
With pink flowers hearts
Mountains carry secret
River stroke stones
At her dirty ---------------------------clean-------------------------clothes
Offer dance with my soul
On the edge of her body

Four lines at one picture
Form is not empty
Her palms can became bowl
Her eyes can became mirrors
Her lips can became kiss
Her legs can became bridge
Her self can became me

Over ages never get old
Never search for the gold
She can change clothes
But never her original form
Wind is inside her soul
Now she look at me
I became her jewell

Longing look
Palms like flames
Can make warm
Can make burn
Like her body
She became beautiful soon
At ecllipse of night moon

Patient and serenity
Silent touch
Paint on her face throught the lips
Smiling for my heart
Gentle open mouth
Prayers wheels
Dust on the lips

Skin cover by sand
Naked beauty
Flower at mouth
Feeling of love
Lift up and fly
Roses have her at her smile
And our truly love never die

© 2017 1975 MCMlXXV

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How beautiful is this poem "Calming Women" A lilting piece with so many lovely descriptive word combinations! I can imagine this lady you are describing; her personality and spirit. Just lovely!!! Blessings.................Kathy

Posted 11 Months Ago

1975 MCMlXXV

11 Months Ago

Dear Kathy thank you so much. For your positive reaction on this piece. Make me realy happy. Even th.. read more
Kathy Van Kurin

11 Months Ago

Thanks Mr. martin. Your have a wonderful day too and keep up the lovely writing! Kathy
1975 MCMlXXV

11 Months Ago

Yes i will write at my lovely style. And thank you too

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Added on February 8, 2017
Last Updated on October 20, 2017


1975 MCMlXXV
1975 MCMlXXV

Funk jazz blues, VT

I am writing cause I feel so good pour out all my fantasy and emotions and sharing my thoughts about life and other stuff. English is my last language so it's kind of experimental writing.maybe some o.. more..