Aglaya Yepanchina    St Petersburg                 1868

Aglaya Yepanchina St Petersburg 1868

A Poem by Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

Black grey clothes 
Curly hair and hands in books 
Lips are little tight 
Breathing into light 
There is landscape of Russian soul 
There is man too naive and clean 
There is story inside of her dream 
Horses in the gates 
Angles are never late 

Cross in night 
Poems and fake letters 
Spirit inside hide 
Treasures and greedy eyes 
Emotions in acts 
Crying her laugh 
On trees are ravens what never left 
Falling love and falling wings 
End of broken rings 
Leisure became art 
Roses are in her hair 
She dancing inside of rain 
Lakes are membranes sounding her soul 
She want be happy 
She want be wife 
She want be what she like 

Betray in birthday party 
Evil sentence from sly heart 
She knows who and where 
But she keep silent 
For her world 
Love is sometimes like sword 
Chains into soil 
Slaughter of pigs 
Beauty and innocent 
Theatre stage and Roma tragedy 
Creation of end of chimera 
Drunk wine in hands 

Eating lambs 
She went out 
Into better world 
Around him and around better end 
She seek to understand 
Drops of rose water 
Lips are seductive 
Young prince inside her wet web 
He dont think inside of his head 
He went like drunk fly 
He became part of room 
There is no help for better sake 

Young souls can create hell 
Easy like happiness 
All in one there is right with wrong 
Love with hate 
Blashemphy whit faith 
Birth in death 
History of one nation 
In weak reformation 
Young man fall to mud 
Dirty act for dirty public 
End in sad moment 
She is alone with her black tea 
Grey sun and grey soil 
No green leaves for empty sleeves 
Time is truth
Healing never come 

In her soul trace what she done 
Wind on graves 
So  many ugly names 
So many dry tears on stones 
She crying every fall 
Now she open eyes 
She is there she is with him 

End is not cuel 
Barbarity end up in her mouth 
Promise inside world 
Fingers touching into skin 
Sunflowers in garden 
New seeds in new hopes 
Happy fairy tale 
Hare in snow lamb in green valley 
History of what is done 
Climbing forward to the sun 

Stones are shiny in waters 
Summer is happy 
Beautiful daughters 
Stone cross on the way 
Hands in blood 
Birth in mud 
Strong figure in windows 
Flames of night candles 
Shadows in exchange of luck 
Power is inside 
Moon in clouds 
Stars are hide in her clothes 
When she wearing 
His white  rose 

© 2017 Le poetes chaos dans absinthe

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Added on July 23, 2017
Last Updated on October 31, 2017