Human DeEvolution Crusade
Timeline of the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades. Religious Ignorance Aside.There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.
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She have brave run

She have brave run


Her name was from rocky lion. She can run fast like best of them. Last night she find child in frozen snow. Symbols on clothes. Show this child is from Lakota tribes. That was quiet close but in snow is was quiet far. All mustang need rest for spring. So only choice was her speed feet. Child was on her back tight by scarf . Child was sleepy but on this run she will be have on mind on forever. There was chance snow storm will not come today. but still there was lot of hungry animals around . She take with her bow and arrows. One great knife from stone. She knew there will be big troubles. But also she knew she can do it. Her heart was brave enough. Pure white landscape with edges of rocky mountain. First have to pass great lake. Is deep frozen that will be easy. Yey wind into ears and eyes and she slight all over. She really  got speed . She cannot see where she going. Must go in one line. Children cannot even scream. But there is nice blue white sky. With golden

 little dot. That point make child calm. On the end there was valley . Snowshoes can be handy now. Snow is bellow her belly. So its most like crawling then walking. Wind was up and now she can hear. Some strange steps behind her. But when she looked there is no one. Not even foot prints. Is too windy anyway. Behind the trees . Something moving like shadows . She stop catching breath. There is no move right now. She don't know how many. So she watching for while . Get back in her way . Sutendly she fall and turn . And there is great rocky black lion. Great roam into her mouth. She pick up her knife into soft flesh of belly. Blood is hot and feel like hot summer. Knife go up over chest into heart and now deep stab. From mouth of beast blood fall on her face. She ,kick into dying flesh. Cut throat and drink hot blood. Make her really hot now. Almost want get off from her furry clothes. Children start cry . She try give piece of meat. But child is too small. She knows she have to hurry. Or child gonna die. She cut big chunk of meat and little more to her mouth . Now there will be woodlands . She knows there will be lot of wolfs . Hungry and poor. Want to eat anything. Even human flesh can be kill on place. Inside is not too much light. Snow on ground looks almost black like night. She step with care. Watching every movement behind the trees. But there is no one. She can see some lights . Further left. She decide go there she feel very cold. Is was old cottage build like 100 years go. She can see people mostly man. She knock sutendly deep silence. They opened door first star like saint picture. but all of them were drunk like hell. They start laugh and shout. Hey frist we rape that women and eat that child and they laugh more loudly. But that was mistake. First of all she understandt white language quiet well.

 So many missionares pass this place. Even she feel cold but not frozen. She was really fast . 7 arrows 7 men. She shoot first 5 . It was like speeding god. whuump whuump whuump whuump whuump. But this two have ready guns they shoot two but she lay down and jump on one of them and kill with knife . She cannot pull knife out so she finish second with jump and her teeth deep into throat. suck warm blood and feel happy and safe. 


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You are a amazing storyteller. This was a amazing woman. I love your work and your work needs to be read by more people. Thank you for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Thank you so much. I find in our library quiet lot of books about native history. My favourite book .. read more
Coyote Poetry

9 Months Ago

This one is very sad.

9 Months Ago

Yes that was basicaly end of freedom of native tribes. After that tribes what were living on north a.. read more

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Praha , Le Paris , the new York Bohemia , VT

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