Don't trust them

Don't trust them


And old leader of tribe start talk. You know this white people are very strange creature. They do nothing for the fun. When they hunt , then they hunt everything. No matter youth or mother they just kill them how they want. They don,t live in tipi like normal human beings . They live inside square you know sharp corners cannot hold energy properly. They are like Apaches. They want our land cause there is this golden metal. Tell what kind of good can make this metal. I don't know my sons. They beats they wifes and go with others women. And they pay for it. They build that strange metal fire horse . But how you can tame metal and fire when they are together. And dont seems there is any sense in this white people. But what really bother me are lies and murders. I member on that meeting when were all leaders of this great tribes was invited for gathering. And they kill them all like beavers . After that from our tribe , this young ones. Who knows nothing about patience . They start attack them killing man, rape women and held them in tipi . To make more

 warriors. But all seems to wrong. So but what you can do about it. And after that big white warrior. What was his name castor custard mustard ehhhhhhhhhhhhh I forget his name. So anyway he with his full army. Start attacking our camps and camps others. But you know we dont kill children or women. But they do this things. They don't even rape. Very strange people . They toke all this land by force. But how come they can win. If they don't have respect for others life and natural sources. All dig out in once and move like bison. But thats thing they are scare to live with nature. Thats why they build that big camps call it towns. No trees no rocky lion no eagles on branches . They are really weird. They print out some papers and for this papers you can buy anything what you want. No to make some real actions just print papers. They have lot of guns . And they kill each other off when they drank that fire water. This is really big poison I saw some people in village really went mad about it. We have to send them away. Otherwise all our tribe will be mad. I saw this big canoeis with that big smoke from it. Is too big this can destroy air what we breath. Also that noise can scare all fish from rivers. So they will decide go to ocean. See all what they do , they do wrong. And still we are

 defeadet and they force us sign some papers. That means we have to move into the west. I dont like there too much open space. You cannot hide there. Easy to be kill. From they bullets. Ye there was this happy goat man. He decide he cannot be shot by this magic. So he went there and realy they cannot shoot him. So he call him self great shaman. And more like thousands went with him. And nobody survive everybody was shoot. See white man is clever like wild swine. You cannot win over him . Thats trouble . They brought with them some black fellows. They gave them chains and have to work them for free . This is realy completly stupid I cannot follow. When we got somebody we make him like us real human beign. And old man went to the west.         


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The world is broke. The words you wrote. Are true. Life had lost value. Hard to understand. I have three grand-boys. Who I teach to love the animals, water and the earth. What can be done? I do believe. All tribes must stand as one. Thank you dear Poet for sharing your powerful words and thoughts.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Yes I think one of the reason . Why colonist win . Was there was not unity ij between each tribe. To.. read more

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Praha , Le Paris , the new York Bohemia , VT

Poet with dyspraxia. Iwill not waste my time explain this contidion at my words here is the symptoms . If you have more question just contact me thanks. Very high levels of motor activity,.. more..