Story of Olive Oatman

Story of Olive Oatman

A Poem by ?........................

Hot summer in 1850 
She was heading with her family 
Wagon and dust 
Horses and smell 
Chatting with sister about the hell 
They don't knew yet 
What will follow after first violent death 
They cam and asking  about food 
They wanted more they wanted gore 
They argue in circle  they raise up bows 

And shoot up deathly arrows 
Tomahawks into virgin flesh 
Blood split on mans chest 
Take all in one hit 
Screaming women screaming child 
Scenery of bloody line 
Young boy escape in crawling 
Two young sister in deathly howling 
Tight them with ropes 
No shoes no hats 
Sun burn and painful spots 
Bleeding from hands 

Where knots was stiff 
They cry out for the god 
Indians in crazy laugh 
Step in village 
Became slaves 
Became workers in devil face 
Became poor creatures 

Beating from children and women 
Not enough to eat 
Hold each other 
Over night dreams 
Believe this is the hell 
And we never get out 
But there was the hope 
In man from great rivers 
He pointed out on those this two 
They were sell from the hell 
Landscape more beautiful 
And new home 
Welcoming hearts 
Feel it power of real tribe 
Mother -----------------father 

All together in one house 
Sharing stories 
Shocking scene with body love 
Rituals for new heart 
She wanted or they make her 
One morning 
Bleeding chin and lines of tribe 
Blue power inside skin 
She became one of them 
She became white indian 
She became homo sapien 

And there was hunger time 
Nothing to eat then small roots 
Young sister more tender and clear 
She dying with prayers 
She dying to meet her parents 
She dying for hope 
Olive crying her face is ugly mask 
Her sister burning in flames of dusk 
And news came all around 
From fort ------------YUMA 
Soldiers came 

Show the guns and show the faith 
This white girl will come with us 
If not 
Your tribe will be past 
They sit together in one though 
They give her for peace in soul 
She can leave 
But she twisting her body in mud and sand 
Screaming names 
Crying tears in blood 
Lips are melting in press of teeth 
Blood is hot 
Time to leave 
Long way into civilization 
Tell stories of deprivation 

Now mark tattoo on her chin 
Forever in her white skin 
People wanted hear it horrors and doom 
She knows she must deny any good tales 
She tell lies 
In front of each white face 
Became famous women of the wild west 
Help write book with servant of god 
Make presentation 

Lies are bigger then her soul 
She get married and she get hysterical 
Icon of survive 
Icon of sex 
Icon of life and deaths 
Her child die in her arms 
She got orphan 
But this not works 
She dying 
She now Mohavs village was that place 
Where she was happy 
With her tattoo face 
With her heart what she left there 

© 2017 ?........................

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Added on August 23, 2017
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