Anna and Jean

Anna and Jean

A Poem by ?........................

Stars came over sea and over north 
Two beautiful goddess 
With smiles and kisses 
Opening bottles in wet mouth 
Dancing through the night 
Wake up in celuoid dream 
Act right on love reflect screen 
Make voice what can be hear 
Naked in shower with ice angel 
Tell few words 
Ask where is soul 
Are you human 

Sensual acts without force 
Gentle approach before light 
Swallowing sweet cake in bitter pie 
In coffee house lot of happen 
Loves are inside each cup 
There is virgin Mary and there is god 
Crucifixion of old ways 
Make it new in human face 
Streets are empty and wet 
Next dream in Jean head 
Story of melting ends 
When they chatting and dance 

Awards are for nothing good 
Existence in adluthood
Who is authentic and who is lost 
Where is breath in deathly frost 
Why man always fail for masks 
So many qouestions for the blast 
In heat chocolate steam 
Anna catch up another dream 
Gang is force of evil 
Creation is mirror of reality 
Beauty is shield of sins 
Ending inside wines 

;Promises what they both made 
Split into another way 
Somebody stay 
Somebody fight in more radical way 
There is reasons for living spirits 
Real art never hurt 
Asking questions for better sense 
Answer with emotional dance 
For mass and for me 
Still keeping this two women free 
Like pearls never die 
They are open in each drop 
They are beautiful ,talented and hot 

© 2017 ?........................

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Added on September 6, 2017
Last Updated on October 11, 2017