Brace yourself

Brace yourself

A Poem by ?........................

Walk with me below the moon 
Around the melodies inside the words 
Staring our fingers in sweet stuff
Pulsing over night in dark 

In heritage of broken loves 
Nothing is hopeless nothing is broken on forever 
Calming voice in your throat 
Are you here for my rainy coat 

People can judge for nothing 
And for nothing they became evil 
How many times it will go away 
How many times it will never stay 

Broken lips by venom's words 
Broken eyes by evil force 
Broken skin by hitting of matter 
Broken hearts by betray acts 

Smoothing will win over dark and over greed 
You cannot make me again bleed 
I am stronger in my faith 
Crossing hearts are never late 

Brain cells in storm of happy toxic 
We don't need idols and icons 
We don't need next fry bacon 
Only you and me inside of moving waves 

On the roofs with your beautiful face 
Black cat under your hands 
Protective act of your heart 
Blue wisdom in rough air 

Gentle piano song with  no tragic art 
Promising light inside of you 
Happy melody with no acting 
Slowly without traps 

My love is above the clouds
In Japanese airplane 
Serving is cold and green tea in gold 
Ocean is close to the earth 

Peaceful talks about what we all need 
Safe place to live with prosperity of happy family 
Opening eyes for rest of the world 
Make it new something what we can do 

Colorful clothes with dark shades 
Make up of facing forward to broken mirrors 
Never push any button with symbols of errors 
End up now end up that horrors 

All children want to play all children want to be happy 
But there is adult view 
But there is green in profit 
But there is money in your pocket 

Sugar candies and nuke rocket 
Abusing of power in name of ego ---god 
Rape women or kill the man 
Destroy all beautiful land 

Holy place became Dante's hell 
Fake platforms for secrets of nations 
Scare off from honest art 
Ignorance like shield 

Your heart dying in digital  field 
Storming poems leading into empty ends 
On you is all world chance 
Ocean turn into bar codes 

Golden leaves of fantasy creatures 
Living in dens where pleasures are sacred moments 
Where you can be without technology 
Where you can became part of mythology 

Person who can save this magical world 
Where in your hands silver melting sword 
Where all became real more then your depression 
Where you can make answer on all regression 

Peeling oranges and pomegranates 
Candles reflecting your eyes 
Bells on each doors 
Fairies dancing around the smokes 
Wedding with your husband 

Oracles of miracles 
Broken shells of breathing hearts 
Solitude inside each books 
Fears are not so strong how they looks 

Make it braver and make it pure 
Open your arms for new cure 
Telling without hurt 
Liking without game 

© 2017 ?........................

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Added on October 17, 2017
Last Updated on October 17, 2017