You was special person here

You was special person here


Is happen all the time here 
Is happen anywhere anytime 
Is happen for know and for no know reasons 
Is happen cause you cannot have heart full of heart 

All is too hard all is inside of you 
You came with sweet with over and way too much sweet words 
I will be more happy about honesty 
I will be more happy about you 

Things went wild like in New York's nights 
My framing picture like my a mask 
They came too and they think mask is real 
Start abuse me with sexual under tones 

You stop calling on me you stop be around the me 
You stop playing classic soundtracks 
You stop make it new contest 
You stop play  like cassette duck tape 

I push button of errors i push with heavy heart 
There was silents words of zeros 
I push them all out  
Let them burn like super novas 

Ages went through the oceans and winds 
I relocate my wisdom for real hit 
I try contact it but you was close up too
Now there is nothing , there is just fire walls 

My sins in my acts will deal with me 
But why you 
But why you don't push it back 
Why you let it all burn 

Now  i can still see you but i cannot reach you 
Now empty pain went through my vein 
Now blues became red mist 
Now my fingers typing this 

Rains of lies and hate 
Another people in bad faith 
They think they are funny 
If they are write bad things 

If they are shocking but they are just boring 
I sit here and waiting 
I don't offer wisdom for free 
I don;'t pretend to be 

Over circles and over squares 
Painful memories in painful victories 
Saint crying for us 
Angels never will save us 

Cause people with prides are blinds 
Cause people who believe the lies 
They can never heard whispering of the wings 
They can never became better 

Shivering inside of Icelandic's sweater 
Weather is talking 
Acting is walking 
Pulling is inside of you 

Chain saws inside of your brain 
Falling mercy and to for give 
To come back to healing 
To end up this horrible feeling 

This red mist in your eyes 
This following rivers in your heart 
I can feel your words pulsing 
I can melting still from the past 

This is what i want to just ask 
Even when you cannot hear me 
Even when you cannot read me 
Even when you cannot see me 

Please forgive me please forgive me 
I am sorry for what i did in my pride 
I am sorry for what i don't did in my love 
I am sorry for my dark soul 

Experiment of my life end up in my pain 
Now i am pure naked flame 
Now my seasons became my name 
Now outside is cold 

Few last songs when i was young 
Few more words what you will never read 
Few more moments 
Before i start again to bleed 


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Added on November 2, 2017
Last Updated on July 6, 2018