Roxanne Healer in faith

Roxanne Healer in faith

A Poem by WRITER-----------POET

Healing in faith hearing in ears 
Brain have to melt like Andy's banana 

Pictures of grey England on end of the depression age 
Sky was empty and you was delightful 

Mornings was happy with your voice 
Creation was simple and in cult 

Honest words are not too heard 
Cause some people are scared 

Sparkling imagination in smoking 
Hush now dear adult boys and girls are  talking 

In sense of art and sensuality 
In music of melting peaches 

Girl is brave and bold 
She sweating into my throat her pure gold 

Her purity and anarchistic speech 
Her wisdom who no one can reach 

Cause this is real this is not revolutions 
This is  creation-----------recreation 

Flowers are in ashes of pure snow 
Her eyes never let me go 

Silent pause and still end of the tape 
You can rewind and start over the again 

Hearing prayers over noises and over mute echos 
Dancing inside own flames 

Stop walking where your dads get drunk 
Find new label without to be punk 

Taste beer from another mouth 
Night is broken with your dreams 

Raining in paradise swimming in own lies 
Edge of the world 

Feeling creativity in every inch of every brain 
Cosmos crawling over your eyes 

You wanted connect with your god 
Take it magic herbs or meditate like a me 

Open your body and let it all be free
All will became creative mess 

Words salad is offer in this chaos 
But here we are 

Inside own creation------------ENJOY 

© 2017 WRITER-----------POET

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I googled Your titled to know what Your poem is about, what I found is a book titled (Roxanne and the Healer) it's a book about love and healing, I don't know if Your poem is about it, and about the Author and her faithful strong voice, but what I got from Your words is healing and rebirthing through love and music, and I personally believe in the power of them two beyond words to say.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

I never write what's my write about it. I think is nice when reader figured his or her own. But yes .. read more

2 Weeks Ago

When I searched for Your title a band appears in the searching page, I think this was Your band, if .. read more

2 Weeks Ago

Yes i was think about it irony too. When i read it your review.I wish you luck and lot of creativity.. read more

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Added on November 3, 2017
Last Updated on November 3, 2017