Delaware records

Delaware records

A Poem by Erica Vagans

Early records and dreams 
Monotone sounds for better projection 
Calming open eyes calming landscape 

Memories can build again that destroyed world 
Memories can dancing with your mind 
Memories can make you powerful

Silence is not lost you are not lost 
Record studio with 16 engineers 
Pulsing blood over strings 

There is no politic crossing legs 
There is no abuse for promising sex 
There is no big money in big head 

Starving artist for new decade 
Girl----women leader of men 
Weak fascist cannot survive 

Big house with green grass 
Colorful psychedelic breakfast 
Friends on one pile 

Gender is not clear gender is not real 
Just another term in burning books 
Centuries are death 

We and they are the one together 
Songs what can change world and universe 
Spirits in pockets of my best friends 

Wild ride in blood red car open sky roof 
We can see all ends in one empty road 
We can have everything for one coast 

Young ginger golden girl in front of barber shop 
Grey Irish sweater and grey eyes 
White skirt and black hunting boots 

In her left hand Colt 45 ----------------------------------
She standing and wait for you 
First date with honest bullet 

She is not killer on the street she is not selling her meat 
There hands are warm 
Plastic bag with ginger 

Red ---white ---stripes 
Frames of love and pictures of angels 
Down there projections are healing 

Stars are in each glass what you drink together 
Night is open wild flower 
Together still like magical creatures 

Change of meaning and talks in emotions 
Structure of words crashing with tongues 
Howdy somebody said from the graves 

This is not dream in early morning 
Black wine make you blind 
Eating grapes and melting juice 

Seeds are ripe and eternal songs will never dies 
Bare feet are wounded by lies 
Bed room is empty like your shell

Drinking now rituals of sacred wedding 
Crossing planets over your hairs 
Stay with your heart 

Last songs are for decline 
Purpose was done in your hands 
Listen now and became one 

© 2018 Erica Vagans

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This is amazing. U have done very well.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Erica Vagans

11 Months Ago

Yes we are here to help each other. I wish you great creativity for your next writing and thank you .. read more

11 Months Ago

Thank you very much.
Erica Vagans

11 Months Ago

You welcome and have nice a Friday .

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Added on November 3, 2017
Last Updated on July 6, 2018


Erica Vagans
Erica Vagans

The exomoon lv 426. Fiorina fury 161, WA, United Kingdom

I want just make few things really clear. I am not normal person , I was born with few mental dysfunctions. So it's quiet pointless judge my writing by normal criterias. I find funny how you normals.. more..