History of my madness

History of my madness

A Poem by 27

In my life so many tragedy and so many divide comedy 
I express myself with my waste on my dirty wall
I writing nonsense over my skin 
I acting in name of my first deathly sin 

On the roofs where I secretly dance 
I blaming people for they lives 
My hate raise up from my creations 
Dreaming about my perfect salvation 

Smoking with coffee 
Drinking with pipe 
Crazy laughter out of my mind 
Clearing visions after junkie midnight 

Talk with a women after kissing 
Coming across 
Sharing my thoughts in club of Rome philosophers 
Drumming on metal barrow 
Feeling love in my weeping sorrow 

Mental hospitals are shelter and nurses are erotic saints 

This light injections 
Into my tender world 
Mental garden with no trees 

Skinny girl walking in circles of saints 
I opened my mouth but there is no sound 
No single tone 

One night we escape together under lights of drunken cars 

Sleeping under trees 
Waking in arms and in mouth 
Loving each other 
Loving is right a word 

Town is freedom and my madness is my virtue 
Drawing on pavement with ashes 
Sexual acts in front of public 
Burning books of Communistic writers 
We are more then artist, We are fighters 

We are shame of this land 
We are elite of brutal art 
We are angels with human heart 
Living in cellar like rats 

Playing records of underground 
Jazz is free sex 
Climax after finish our famous red painting 
End up on floor with oil colors 

Making love in crazy style 
Drinking wine from stigmas of Jesus 
Broken windows in church 
Running with wind over mud field 

Craved our names into stones and trees 
Police at our back 
We are stronger , We are saints 
Empty church with no roof 

This is our new home 
Crosses for fires and wine for dinner 
Re painting way with the cross
Play on Organ 
Black Sabbath -----------------------------------------------Paranoid 

In lights of raising sun 
Holding our hearts in the free run 

© 2018 27

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Added on January 1, 2018
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