Lotus Sitting Roof Tops

Lotus Sitting Roof Tops

A Poem by Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Inspired by Edward Lear and Old Henry Scabs


Sweet tooth monkey swinging tree

Coconut barking dog

Unzipped pants in the park

Mushroom houses little sidewalk


Afternoon sunbath glimmering reflections

Corn flake roller skates eye ball numbing

Natural tobacco prays for an Indian

Otherwise paid penny peeper got her wisdom


Sally jokes no ones laughing

Atomic bomb on an anthill

Four this burnt one remains

Government issue 404

Hats off to the hatters glasses


Catholic well runs deep and dry

Cellophane baby does nothing but cry

Imaginary reality never trusts

The dance of Hassan in the only spawned web


Sterilize the dogmatic

Traps in clouded feet

Hail the woman with twelve stars

Though she can’t help you in your time of need


Get glazed apathy

Hammer hummer intricately

Avoid the void spinning round

Tibetan Mecca on a reel to real


Going up

Going down

Lost what I ounce found

Moving on

Moving on


Hanging up

Hanging down

Lost what I ounce found

Moving on

Moving on


Crimpy crispy turned to cream

Hippy dippy lost his dream

Crimpy crispy turned to cream

Hippy dippy lost his dream


Fits the keys push it in

Fits the keys push it in

Mantra Krishna Holy Bargain


Time to go back were I came from I gatta move on back

Back before my worth

Before my birth


One direction one direction

Back before the earth

Back before my birth

© 2012 Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Author's Note

Abdul Batin Osman Bey
I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think

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There is just so many images to sort through, it was much like a twisted wonderland, political roller-coaster. Very, very ingenious word play, though I might not understand half of what was said, I did find it quite enjoyable.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 25, 2012
Last Updated on August 25, 2012
Tags: swing, tooth, tree, dog, park, sidewalk, reflections, numbing, Indian, Wisdom, Penny, laughing, Mushrooms, 404, glasses, hassan, Catholic, dogmatic, clouded, feet, Twelve, Stars, apathy, Mecca, Tibet, Dream, Cream, Krishna


Abdul Batin Osman Bey
Abdul Batin Osman Bey

Cambridge, MA

It is said that if Johnny Thunders and Janis Joplin were to have a child then have him to be raised by the unwanted aspects of Society while having him schooled in Timbuktu that person would be me. I.. more..