murderous flirt

murderous flirt

A Story by Ne

The teens ran as fast as they could through the dark and gloomy forest, trying to get away from the terrifying murderer. The murderer was hot on their trail as they came to a large mansion in the middle of the forest. It had golden doors with silver handles that were cold to the touch. The teens pulled on the handle viciously, but the door wouldn’t budge. They started to jerk the door insink the golden entrance slowly started to budge. After minutes of trying to get in they succeed in opening the door as the three teens entered to murderer was only a few minutes behind. They rushed to slam the door, afterwards they took a few minutes to catch  their breath. Once they caught their breath the teens who knew nothing of each other introduced themselves slowly.

“H-h-hello, I-i-i’m L-l-lena!”Lena stuttered as she pulled her grey sweater sleeves down. Her pastel blue dyed hair fell in front of her face as she cobble squatted on the hard wooden floor.

“Hey hot-stuff!” The name’s Ethan, but you can call me sweet-heart!” Ethan bows and lets out his hand to Lena who is now a shade of light pink.

“More like a*s-heart! My name’s Julian, and this imbecile  needs to shut up. I’m so sorry about his rude behaviour.”Julian elbows Ethan as to tell him to stop flirting.

“What Julian? Why do you keep elbowing me?”

“Just stop flirting you dumb a*s, just because a girl blushes at a comment doesn’t mean they want to go out with you!”

“Julian it’s not my fault this beauty fell from heaven!” After that last comment Ethan and Julian started fist fighting.

“Stop fighting!”Lena shouts out.

“Who’s gonna stop us?” Ethan says with a cocky smirk.

“I am if you don’t f*****g calm down, you dick!” Lena replys angrily to Ethan’s comment, “Anyway, I take it you too know each other already.”

“Yeah, we’re brothers.”Julian says looking away as if ashamed of his brother’s actions. The others sit down next to Lena. They sit there wondering why the town’s notorious murderer  would attack them out of nowhere. After the three had their time to ponder they all got off the floor, and took a look around. After Lena arrived on the second floor to browse Ethan showed up and ran into her.

“Ouch!” Lena yells as she starts to fall to the floor, but just before that can happen Ethan catches her.

“You alright there?” Ethan questions seeming extremely concerned.

“Umm, yeah I’m fine!” Lena replied and tried to get out of Ethan’s arms. “Let me go!” she shouted when Ethan wouldn’t let her go.

“Ethan, I suggest that you let Lena go!” Julian came out of nowhere sounding annoyed.

© 2017 Ne

Author's Note

just a short story where teenagers are being flirty and ran away from a murder. please let me know if you want another to go with it.

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Ooohh.. nice nice. I just want a plot twist xD Ethan is actually the murderer's helper. Ohh the drama that would have. Hahaha but the story right here is pretty good. Ethan the perv haha

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

yeah this was kinda just me being bored during math class
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also i didn't really know what to do with the story, so i think it's kind of boring

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Just a learning poet and a writer with a story to tell... more..

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