The Prelude of Battle - Trouble Within the Ranks and The Twins Heart-to-Heart

The Prelude of Battle - Trouble Within the Ranks and The Twins Heart-to-Heart

A Chapter by Jacob

The woodland battlefield is set, the two teams converse with each other before the impending battle.


He kept absolutely still as the footsteps got louder. The young lad sat there, knees bended, eyes searching and toy sniper rifle kept close to his stomach. He eyed warily down the forest before him, the oaks, cedars and other types of trees he didn't know seemed to loom over him, blocking out most of the sunlight that shone from high in the sky. He kept crouched beneath his bush, taking in mind that his opponents could easily pick him off at any moment.

He growled as the owner of the footsteps didn't even bother to try and stealth a little bit, opting to try and hit every branch on their way to the scrub. The owner squatted down next to him, his younger sister. Her innocent eyes looked at her brother, curiosity becoming more apparent. "Did you spot them?" She asked in a hushed tone.

"Not yet. Anything to report?" he asked, trying to keep an eye out of their surroundings now. This deep in the forest, you could never be too careful.

"Nope! I scouted around the lake like you asked, but they weren't there. I guess they decided to try somewhere else this time," she said, bringing her toy machine gun up to scan around. It seemed a bit redundant, but the brother thought that a wise idea and brought up his own toy gun to scan around.

The two of them scanned around a little bit and made the observation that they should change location; the boy says that they should change positions to the lake while the girl wanted to go to a broken down shed deeper in the woods.

"If we go to the lake, we'll have less ground that we need to keep track of and it would be easier to spot them if they came out," the lad argued.

"But if we go to the shed, we'll have more cover from the enemy fire!" the girl retorted.

"Oh yeah? Well I bet you don't want to go down to the lake cause your afraid of falling into the lake and drowning," the boy said, stating it matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah? Well I bet you don't want to go over to the shed cause you're afraid that some dumb ghost will scare," the sister said, following her brother's example.

"What!? No way! I'm not scared of some ghost!" he said, his voice raising a little bit, "What about you and the lake huh? What about there?"

"I don't want to go because I can't swim you dummy!" She retorted, "And even if we just stayed a little away from the water, there's a higher chance we'll be seen."

"Well, we don't need to worry about that if we just stay hidden. You're just too fat that you'll stand out too much from the grass!"

"And we don't need to worry about that at all if you stopped being a big baby!"



Before they knew it, they were thrashing around on the ground, the boy and girl seemed evenly matched. The girl seemed to be more content about grappling with her brother, while the brother just tugged on her hair and shoved her. Oh boy, this was going to get ugly.

A little distance behind the two siblings, two figures wearing camouflaged clothing observed what was going on from the shelter of a nearby tree, one of the two observing what was going on by a binocular.

"Aaaaand they're fighting again," one of the figures said, pulling of a mask he was wearing and let out a deep breath, still observing, "I don't know why they wanted to team up together if they're just going to keep fighting like that."

The other figure pulled off their mask and started to fiddle with their hair, trying to undo their ponytail, "Well, did you want to try and team up with one of them and try and control either one?"

"Fair point," the oldest brother said, putting down the binocular and leaned up his back against the tree. He made sure that his sniper was securely strapped to him and his ammo bag wouldn't bother his twin sister down bellow. "Say, why did you want to go with the dual snipers again?"

The sister finished putting her hair down and looked up at him, "I wanted to talk to you... about your ex."

The brother sighed again, more heavily this time, "Seriously Savannah, it's fine. We made a clean break. End of discussion."

"Then why did you get so defensive?" the girl asked, raising her eyebrow.

"That's... ugh," he said, sighing what seemed like even heavier than the one before, "Now I know you took after dad."

"And you, Sir Sighs-alot, most definitely take after our mother," she said, "It's okay for things to not be fine. You know that right?"

The brother was about to sigh, then refrained with a wince at that name, "I know, but I can't move on from it if you guys keep bringing it up. Honestly, you guys are just opening up old wounds."

It was the sister's turn to sigh, "Yeah, but-"

"Whoa, hold up!" the brother said, bringing his binocular up to his eye, "It looks like... Sarah and Jonas are actually hugging!"

"What!?" the sister said, accepting the brothers offer of the binocular and peered through, seeing their younger siblings actually hugging. She could see that the two both had watery eyes, the seemingly more water eyed.

"Wow," she said, disbelief in her voice, "And here I thought I could ask you about those jerkwads that were messing around with you the other day!"

"Wait... Seriously?" the brother said, a realization dawning on him, "So the only reason we're up here right now that you just wanted to check up on me?"

"Well... Yeah," she admitted, "And dad kept saying that we should hang out with our younger siblings a little more, so I thought 'Hey, here's a win-win situation!'"

The brother just shook his head, allowing a sigh to escape without his realization, "You know you could have just asked, right?"

Savanah just shrugged.

"Fine," the brother said, "Let's cream these two and head home. Then," he said, readying his sniper, "you can act like a mom and tell me to clean my room or whatever."

"Hey!" Savannah protested, "I do not act like a mom!"

The brother just raised his eyebrow at her.

"Okay, maybe a little."

The eyebrow stayed up.

"Alright, fine. I do it sometimes, alright? It's just," she paused for a moment, "I care about you Hanson. A lot. I don't want you to be unhappy." Both of Hansen's eyebrows went up in surprise. "You... have a tendency to bottle things up and not let people in on what's the matter. Just... Let me know, okay?"

The brother looked at his twin sister eyes for a moment, then smiled. "Don't worry, Savannah, you'll be the first person I talk to."

"Promise?" the sister asked, raising up her pinky toward her sibling.

The brother took her pinky with his, holding it there, "Promise. Just don't forget about yourself too, alright?"

The sister nodded, then joined in his smiling, "Now, race you to see who gets more hits on the two little rodents. Loser does the laundry."

They both readied their rifles, both trained on the two enemies ahead of them. The time was ripe

"Fire!" shouted the twin brother, as the two pulled their triggers and sent a rubber ball of death toward their two unaware, younger siblings.

© 2017 Jacob

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