A Story by alexandra

The woman knelt on the scorching grave on a blistering summer’s day and as she implored to the King of hell to bring her man back, her knees bleed internally due to the sweltering heat. Arabella lamented over her aloof late lover whom she had unfathomable fervour for. She sat at the head of the banquet table, unaccompanied, and lethargically ate her colossal meal, which she seemed to ingest scanty portions of. Luke, her vigorous yet inconsequential husband entered the ominous room and spoke in a laconic manner, which ensued them to argy-bargy until Lady Arabella lifted her gaunt corpse towards the bedroom, muted by the discussion and the events of the day.  Lady Arabella was sprawling as her Godiva chocolate attempted to mollify her mood. Her malevolent deed was discernibly growing an agonizing pain that was only going to aggravate. She felt inadequate without a fulfilling man by her side so she absquatulated to the cornfields, where she used to fornicate with her lover. Lady Arabella shattered to the sod, clutched the inanimate leaves and became lachrymose. Luke’s sardonic laugh and constant bewilderment encumbered the Lady immensely leading her to surreptitiously engage in coitus with Marco her husband’s fidus Achates who had courted her after the second encounter. Feeling very opprobrious, the Lady forced herself to fall asleep on the algid terrain, amongst her sinister angels.


As dawn commenced, the Lady rose from her mattress of discomfort and regret. Her hair was dishevelled mirroring her first copulation with the all-consuming Marco. She sat near Luke; her body was jejune however her eyes flummoxed. Marco’s death was a surprise for everyone around him; nevertheless Marco’s wife seemed to have alexithymia. Lady Arabella justified her dirty deed to Luke and recognised that she had an incomparable lust and affection Marco. Luke acrimoniously relocated acrid figure and as Arabella attempted to modify his sempiternal bad mood. Luke was a bigot man with noxious intentions that was one of many engenders of the adulterous and reprehensible action of Arabella.



Luke’s tawdry guests had remarked previously that Arabella’s tedium would disadvantage Luke because woman like that peregrinate to find a lover. 

© 2015 alexandra

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What would you put for the end?

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Added on November 1, 2015
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