No Escape

No Escape

A Story by Andrew Leister-Frazier

Vengeful Spirits possess and murder anyone who walks into the forest.

It is rumored that two thirteen year old twin girls were murdered in a nearby forest called Red Hollow. It was rumored that the parents of twin daughters had their daughters killed. The rumor is, the daughter's parents hired a contract killer, believing them to be possessed. There were stories that the girls would paint their walls with blood, and kill house pets and that they even murdered their own newborn baby brother. People believe them girls was murdered in Red Hollow forest. Now everyone who enters the forest vanishes.Almost everyone that is.  Those who just venture on the forest's edge go mad. Scientists speculate it to be the result of hallucinogenic spores in mushrooms of the forest. The religious believe it has to do with the disappearance of the twins. People called them albino, but we knew the girls to be vampires. They had red eyes and platinum hair and pointy teeth and they're skin would burn a minute in the winter sun. The parents don't talk about their daughter's death or disappearance and when you ask them about it they don't respond, like you ain't even there.

One man did enter the forest and come out. Black fellow. He entered the forest and when he entered he was a normal Joe, Maybe more daring than the rest of us. When he left the forest, he had the look of panic on his face and he started chanting "If I don't suffer, evil will no longer protect me." And he was seen scratching at his arms raw in a blank stare and he got put into the hospital. Ever since he entered that forest he's been trying to kill himself. His parents had to take away all the sharp objects in his house and he keeps going back into the mental ward. Never was crazy before the incident.

Ever since these events started happening here its been the source of lore, and it has invited people interested in the supernatural to our location. Most are sensible and know that is not a place to walk in. Others are more daring. Idiotic. Those are the ones that enter the forest and we find out about it days later when their loved ones call about their whereabouts.

So far the missing have gone up to fourteen souls if you include the twins and their murderer, seventeen. We once tried to create a memorial to the missing, but when we did. Everyone around the memorial got this feeling. This creepy feeling like there was some darkness to it. Standing close to it made people feel lost and scared and pretty soon the people of this town sensed enough evil in the memorial to burn it down. A wooden cross was all it was, made of sticks and some string. It gave people the willies though. I stood near it. I couldn't describe to you the feeling. It was like the love and warmth was taken out of your body. I remember standing next to it and feeling as though my arms were something strange to me and I had the sense to chop them off. Whatever is going on in that forest there is a darkness to it the world has never known. People talk of haunted houses but there ain't nothing like that forest. The brave don't survive it. Nothing does. In the spring and summer time there is an odd thing about that forest. The birds don't sing there. There's just silence.

There's been an outbreak of rabies too. Racoons coming from that forest with demonic nerve twitches. They say its rabies but we know better. Its 'dem girls they are getting into the minds of animals. Like they got into the mind of that black fellow. That's the thing about them girls. Even when they were living they had a way of getting into people's minds. They had a way of getting at others about what should bother people. They knew how to divide people. When those girls went missing the police didn't do nothin. Everyone in town was glad that they was gone. Now we ain't so glad anymore.

Joe went to the local tavern one day, not this one, another one, managed to sneak out of the house and he positioned the mic at the karoke and started strumming on his guitar singing a song. There was a upbeat melody but he was singing "Kill yourself for Jesus. He died for you so you die for him." The local store owner took him off the stage and many people got distraught. Before he got off the stage he said, "you can't hide and silence those who suffer too much. Will you live knowing the cost of paradise? The burden of sacrifice." He then called on God to amputate his soul.

© 2017 Andrew Leister-Frazier

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Dude, the first three sentences start with "it is rumored" "the rumor is" and "it was rumored" All I'm saying is thats the first thing anyone reads on your short story and it just signals that the rest might not be so clever, whether or not the rest is actually clever or not. Start strong right?

Posted 10 Months Ago

Andrew Leister-Frazier

10 Months Ago

I wrote this in like five minutes. Just saw a contest and wrote for the prompt.

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