I cover you with my hand, to protect you from the wind,
I keep on praying, please... may you stay alive
My shivering hands want to hold you tight,
even though I try, I'll be defeated in the fight

Your burning flame, gave me warmth,
my only eye that looks around the dark
My dearest wind don't blow it off,
it's my only way to get out of the dark

The candle in my hand, enlightens my heart,
my heart in-turn will see the truth
So cruel society don't blow it off,
it's my only way to get out of the dark

Oh cruel   wind, don't be so tough,
this is the only way to make people know
that HUMANITY is this dying flame,
and make them stop from blowing it off

Oh rain, the evil spirits of ill will,
Humanity is at the verge of destruction
So please rain, don't wash it away,
if you do, the world will get lost in the dark

Minute by minute, it's melting away,
minute by minute, it's getting smaller
The Humanity which once stood up straight,
is now about to fade away

Give me strength to protect this flame,
and light it up in everyone's heart
and wisdom to make it shine brighter,
before it gets smaller and melt away


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Wow these comparisons using wind are fantastic. You expressed such a huge conflict in a short amount of space. I'm amazed.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you so much
Wonderful. Very deep and well written.

Posted 4 Years Ago

burning flames of a great poet and it is marvelous masterpiece and totally engaging

Posted 4 Years Ago

Some really deep and intelligent thoughts for one so young.
I'm very impressed with your writing.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Humanity has struggled for millennia and will continue to struggle for many more millennia.
The individual can only strive to help to guide and instruct those they meet on their life journey.
A good write.

Posted 4 Years Ago

The urgency of this played out to the bitter end...I do like this one a bit better than the one I just read...a little more polish on this verse...and its a thumbs a couple I went through this write...

Posted 4 Years Ago

Your poem is very spirit felt, speaking to me of keeping a faith alive and yet sharing to others in a crazy world we so see. I say in all you said if only others would slow down long enough to see they not be so blinded . You did awesome I really enjoyed the read:)))))))))))))))))))))

Posted 4 Years Ago

This is so fantastic. To compare humanity to a candle and its downfall to the wind is genius. It is a perfect representation for the two. Nice work :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

your imagination is very good...very well written amazing poem

Posted 4 Years Ago

wooah extremely great improvement :) great keep goin awesome piece

Posted 4 Years Ago

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