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Does anyone ever realize when they themselves have actually grown up into a well rounded citizen? I know I'm not old enough to call myself that, but everything I've been threw at my age you would think I'm way older. I've fallen in love and have lost the first love of my life, I have been threw extreame pain because of "my love", and have lost good friends. I know that isn't everything that I have gone threw, but thats just a few. I feel like I have a life time of knowledge when in all actuallity I don't, and still have a long way to go before I do. I can remember it like it was yesterday to be so young and not realize all the bad in life. Now thats all you see being srounded around you and just a tad of good. I try to only see the good. I try to see life the way once did, but its not the same. Why does it feel like yesterday I was five and today I'm 16. It's like i fell asleep on the couch as a five year old and woke up to test and world politics as a teenager. Now being my age your supposed to act like an adult, but be treated like a kid. How does that work? If I act to childish then its frowned upon, but if I act to grown up then I"m told to just enjoy being kid while it last. I don't understand. I want to being treated like an adult,but see life like a five year old.
I still don't understand where all the time went. It's like i went into a deep sleep and woke up as a young I transformend. Like in metamorphsis.

© 2014 Abby:)

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This is my favourite piece by you so far and I could definitely relate (although I am a bit younger). You have portrayed the confusion well.

My only issue with this is that you are using the word 'threw' but in this case it should be 'through'.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on March 28, 2014
Last Updated on March 28, 2014