My Dream: -If I became The President of America!

My Dream: -If I became The President of America!

A Story by Abraham George

My Dream: -If I became The President of America!



Why I need to be The President of America?

            Answer is simple. Because of the powers that US President has.

According to the Article II of the constitution, the President has the following Powers

·                      Serve as the commander in chief of the armed forces.

·                      Commission officers of the armed forces

·                      Grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses (except impeachment)

·                      Convene Congress in special sessions

·                      Receive ambassadors

·                     Take care that the laws be faithfully executed

·                    Wield the "executive power"

·                    Appoint officials to lesser offices

Also there are shared powers that a President has such as

1)             Shared with Senate

·         Make Treaties.

·         Appoint ambassadors, judges and high officials.

2)             Shared with Congress as a whole

·         Approve Legislation.

Now you may thing that these are the powers almost every Country’s President have.

Yes, you are right. Then why I need to be US President? I can select any other county?

As the entire world knows The President of America is the most influential person in the world. Even his single comment over an issue will cause world war now. So, Rule the world means be The President of America.

If I became The President of America, the first thing I do will be creation of an Army. The world’s biggest army, with all kind of best sophisticated weapons and missiles, the updated technology that ever created, whatever things are there to make my army the best, I will use that. The best of every army in the world will be there in my army.

Arsenal include all types of weapons

            Nuclear weapons         Land based, Air based, Sea based

            Biological weapons

            Chemical weapons  

            Army, Navy, Air force weapons, infantry weapons, Mortars, Rockets, Aerial weapons etc.

The biggest arsenal the world ever sees.


          What will be the aim of this Army?

This is not a normal army we know. This army is not meant for war. It’s created for the sole purpose of World peace.  How?

That will be discussed later. But the only objective of this army is world peace not war.



            This army has an independent ruling authority; Even the President of America cannot decide what this army will do. There will a President selected by the members of the Organization that created to control this army. Like US president have, there will be no fixed Tenure. If the members of the Organization disagree with the decisions taken by the president, anytime they can call for election and select another president.

All members have equal power and right.


How it works?

            Members of this organization will be other Nations of the world. By agreeing with the terms and conditions of the Organization, They will become an active member.

Ø  Creation of army.

The members of the organization - by agreeing the T&C, offering the best weapons and arsenal they have, for the functioning of this Army. In return the organization will provide all kind of military support for the member nations.

Ø  Financing

How the financing will be?

For paying the salary, for Research and Development and all other requirements this organization need huge amount of fund. How these funds are raised?

As per the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 2016 total 1,686 billion USD has been spent for defense or military expenditure that is almost 2.2% of world GDP.

For the financing of the Organization, every member nation can provide a percentage of their GDP which will be much lesser than what they are spending now. 1,686 billion USD is not required for functioning of this Organization.

Ø  Benefits

Now US are spending 611.2 billion USD around 3.3% of the GDP. After joining this Organization they can reduce the expenditure for military. Like that all member nations can save a huge amount of money in that way and they can use it for the development of the county, Eradication of poverty, for better education system , and development of infrastructure.


Ø  Functioning

If there is an issue, this organization will stand with the side of justice. If two counties are starting a war without any justifiable reason, the first strike will be from this Army. So every country will fear the impact if they start any war.

Now there are lots of issues going on over the world. Like the problems in Qatar, India " China issue, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan issues, ISIS, Terrorists and lot more. These people will fear the ultimate military power and think twice or thrice before they start action.

For the Non member nations won’t get any military support. But every nation big or small will be a member after they understand the benefits.

            Every country can select the individual from their country who will represent them in this organization. And those representatives will elect a President. Once the President is removed due to the wrong action, s/he cannot represent that country ever again.


            Through the development of Army we can restore the peace. One Army that will fight against the evil in the world will bring the peace.

I am sure this will remain as a Dream for ever.  But let’s pray for the World peace

© 2017 Abraham George

Author's Note

Abraham George
Forgive my mistakes. In this current situation i thought this is good. If you have any question feel free to ask. Have any suggestion , tell me to improve

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I don't know brother. Great Armies don't create peace. The logic of the great armies is to fight and control. If we want peace. Need no armies, no guns and all countries working together. USA economy based on war. Where USA go. Wars grow. Bush create this mess we are in. We must learn. One people and one earth. We must share with each other and the animals/nature. Guns and soldiers are not the way of peace. Food, water and medicine. This is the tools of peace.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Nice! 😃 I loved it!......

Posted 12 Months Ago

Abraham George

12 Months Ago

i am glad to know that.
Pursuing your dream is your right that no one can contest. But despite all the power vested in the President of the most powerful country, their phenomenal military might has not solved all of humanity's problems, some times even exacerbated them. We need to be careful of what we wish for. Even, if I dreamed of being the US President, Trump would not be my model, with all due respect, lol. Good try and well done for a tremendous write!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Abraham George

1 Year Ago

thanks for your comments
well, this was marvelous....i loved this.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Abraham George

1 Year Ago

thanks. i don't know how people see my Dream. but it's happy to know that you liked
Wajiha Nayeem

1 Year Ago

welcome....i will always love your work dear!...keep writing.
It is always great to dream big, dream of higher places, dream of places that are hard to reach.

World peace, something i'v been withing and hoping for for the longest time I can remember, I still think that the world does have a chance if they put their heads together and work together, the world could be a better place, sadly the world has changed, its all about who has the most money or who has more power or how to get more money.
One can dream of a change, a change that'll put the world in check.

Well wrote, I liked your explanation and hey hopefully one day you will be ;)

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Abraham George

1 Year Ago

thanks. i know in our generation we wont live in a world of peace. But in the world we can live in d.. read more
Joey Nizz

1 Year Ago

Your welcome, and yeah I agree with you, the new generation just doesn't know what goes around them,.. read more

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Abraham George
Abraham George

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