I Killed a Man

I Killed a Man

A Poem by Alani

Misunderstanding between two people


He was six foot tall
with a mighty heart she recalled
covered up by his ego
she pushed him around
and tested the ground
until he finally let go

At night I close my eyes tight
when I see him in my dreams
He is a cowering and a whimpering
when she turns to look at me
her words go cold
as she unfolds
the secret that she keeps
“I killed a man”

He was just a boy
that she destroyed
with her insecurities
high expectation
that she had placed on him
he tried so hard to please

I killed a man that was just a boy
the memories come and go
He was six foot tall
with a mighty heart I recall
covered up by his ego


© 2016 Alani

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why is it that grief become the most important characteristic of an artistic value? Does it have this much power to motivate people? it is true that a broken heart can create powerful things. I hope happy heart does too., but rarely do i come across.

Your poem is crafted through broken heart due to guilt; guilt - a force that can belittle the life. So, please let it go. Let yourself swim in a sea of tranquility. Create a world where no action has any reaction. Let the laws of physics cease to exist. Memories are illusion, you know this. OVERALL, AN AMAZING POEM. I can witness my own style in your writing (might be an error as it my frame of reference), so please visit my poems too. I hope you might like some.

Posted 2 Years Ago

The insurmountable weight of expectations is the rust of relationships. The memories however endure, of little things like the stature of the person who once was yours, or the pain that was inflicted in the course of the relationship.

I like the fact that this poem speaks on two levels. At one it looks at regret and remorse, while on the other it looks at the currency of memories to evoke longing and need for a possible redemption.

Evocative, indeed.

Look forward to your other works,


Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Wow! What a perfect explanation of how the poem was intended to read. Thank you!
I read this from the perspective of a man who has many wounds from the fairer sex... We have so much power to do good or to harm. Forgive yourself if you have ever harmed and forgive others who have done as much or worse. Thankfully, there is much power here and the "dead" can be brought back to life of their is a co-willingness...
A very powerful poem.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you. It's too late in this case... however, we both know how we misunderstood each other. Than.. read more
 David Scott

2 Years Ago

I have my share of blame as well... Yes, one does heal. Thank you for the very fine poetry and you.. read more

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Added on January 27, 2016
Last Updated on January 27, 2016
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