Siren's Song Siren's Song
In a sleepy hidden town, a resident wizard stands guard. The competition gets out of hand, and someone may not come back
Siren's Song Chapter 2 Siren's Song Chapter 2
Lamia arrives in Westerwood, attempting to gather information about the town and its competitors.


A Poem by Alessander



                 It was there heating
                                            sloping cavernous craniums

                         It was there illuminating
              marble hallways

         It was there immolating
                              witches at stakes

                                     Its fierce essence
                          frightens wilder-beasts

                                   Its memorizing radiance
  lures moths to annihilation

                       When in love, we often become
             both wilder-beast and moth

                When we are children, we learn
             to leap back from the flame

                               When we are old, we are rolled
                 into iron incinerators

                                    And every day between
   We are encompassed by suns
                       We are consumed by flickering passions

                                  We set-off firecrackers
                           for amusement

    We light candles
                                     to measure time

         Veladoras to whisper
                                 to gods

        Fire is Life

                                      Something in us will
                                            forever burn.

© 2014 Alessander

Author's Note

The format came out a little different, but I'm tired of trying to fix it. Should I leave all caps out? As always, any input, reflection, reaction welcome.

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vast imagination you bring into play here and utterly helped in drawing several images in my mind as I was reading your poem. This is rich with wisdoms and utterly touching in so many ways.

' And every day between
We are encompassed by suns
We are consumed by flickering passions ' FAVOURITE

Posted 6 Years Ago

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you're very different, and you have a way with your words...

i enjoyed this one a lot,

I'm also new on here, so it would be an honour if you could review some of my poems!

Posted 2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

Hey Jada. Much thanks.

I've been catching up on my read requests, so I'll def swing b.. read more
I loved these stanza's lines
looks like you were playing with fire
and the colorful wondrous dancing flames.

And every day between
We are encompassed by suns
We are consumed by flickering passions

We light candles
to measure time

not crazy about the Veladoras to whisper
to gods
Line but there is only one I worship that is Jesus
Jehovah God almighty I won't worship other gods
I always analyze my thoughts and what comes to me
if it is of God try the spirits and see if they be of god this
applies to people in the world and the thoughts that come
into our mind as I know the Enemy continually fights with
me and we fight with our flesh all the time to not allow the
bad parts of it to win and to allow the good to control and listen
to gods spirit.

This was a interesting and different approach
I see you've done here, I haven't been to your
page in a while so thought I'd pay you a visit.

Blessings. Benita

Posted 3 Years Ago

You have taken one of the most spontaneous and free concepts of life and put it into a beautiful piece. Love.

"Fire is Life" Well said

Posted 3 Years Ago

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fire is like life, but it always eventually burns out and disappears. even the most raging fires will eventually be reduced to nothing more than ashes. So I agree with nearly every line except the last two.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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This was great! Truly. So much thought put into different aspects of how fire connects to our life. Beautiful.

Posted 4 Years Ago

"Life is Fire"- For me it signifies so much. The pain and pleasure that fire brings to our lives can leave a blazing trail whether it is a metaphorical or tangible flame, it is still meant to exist. I enjoyed reading this piece, the passion is vibrant in your writing. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

I quite liked this one. The idea of "fire" is one that I think on often. It is all consuming, and yet it can be so tender at the same time. How can something so beautiful be so extremely painful?

I liked the imagery of the piece. The formatting is a little odd, but I understand how it can be to get something on this site the way that it looks on a Word document, or how it is intended, so i didn't let that bother me. I love the wording... "Veladoras to whisper/to gods"--great lines.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Fire can light up our path, or it can burn it, can make our hearts go wild or it can tear it apart, great write

Posted 4 Years Ago

wow simply awesome write man:)

Posted 5 Years Ago

the voice in it is so strong and old that it kinda felt like you were telling us some divine truth..

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Revel! Revel!

A Poem by Alessander

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