Silent Promise

Silent Promise

A Poem by Lavi


Tonight a familiar burn returned in my chest
Like a fire burning and distressed
For the fight waged its battle once again
Though lost, left me this chest pain

I sought my comfort in the dark
Tucked my knees in and made little remark
Felt the bystanders' voices fade 
And let the tears fall without aid

I cried in silence, recalling the battle
Wondering when the onlookers all turned to cattle
I knew I was right this time
Despite the others acting as though my rebuke was a crime

When my tears bled dry I approached the mirror
Proud that my expression had become so much clearer
The unrelenting truth displayed right in my eyes
No one would know its strength were my cries

As I was confronted I pulled up my confidence 
This time without my esteem blunted
Spoke true yet in a way that ended sides
If only my confidence came in tides

My eyes remain raw to this hour
A reminder that the sweet can quickly turn sour
The common day is never a promised day
As though chaos is standing next to the doorway

It feels so long since I last let my tears take plight
It's been so long since I fought for what I knew was right 

© 2018 Lavi

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Fighting for what’s right isn’t easy but the best- tears clear many unsolved hurts rather out than in- loved the way you express the emotions and after letting all out stand back up ready to take in life agsin..wonderful meaning- enjoyed reading🌹

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thank you! And you're right. They are the better kind of tears than of what's left unresolved. Appre.. read more
I feel the agony through the images and emotions you express in this poem. Yet, there's strength, resilience and determination lying beneath. It's an image of a fighter, knocked down, looking up, his/her opponent not expecting that fighter to stand and throw a knockout punch. There's an incredible inner strength that comes through in this poem, and it exceeds the struggles lying on the surface. The title, Silent Promise, is a fitting title and conveys the quiet determination, the human spirit we know as hope. Nice work!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thank you! Glad to know I managed to pull of a visual with this writing. The description of this is .. read more

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I've been writing a long time, since early childhood but didn't find my passion for writing my own poetry until I was 13 or 14 while going through hardship. Poetry has been my outlet and one of the fe.. more..

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