The unexpected encounter ~ Chapter ten

The unexpected encounter ~ Chapter ten

A Chapter by AliceBarnes

When a larger number of people are in town, Aedia begins to wonder what could have happened. When she comes across Dymas in the forest things take a turn for the worst.


Chapter ten ~ In the time of Achilles

Town of Phthia, Greece, September 1190BC

"And in the middle of my chaos, there was you..." ~ Unknown

"This woman died for her husband and now she is divine..." The actor's voice bellowed throughout the Theater from behind his golden mask, his curly dark hair poking out from beneath the leather straps tied to the back of his head, as he moved swiftly from one side of the stage to the other.

Another actor lay a few feet from him, her head to the side with her eyes shut and head resting to the side, facing the audience with what was supposed to be blood on her white gown. Aedia was sat on the cool stone seats beside Eos and Achima, who were sat either side of her. 

For September, the day was a warm one as a soft breeze blew through the archways and windows of the walls of the Theater and moved through Aedia's pinned back hair, gently rustling her light blue gown. From beside her, Eos's faint whispers could be just made out above the actor's own voices, as she followed what they were saying word for word.

Achima, on the other hand, had already seen the play several times with Eos already that week, and as such, was sat reading, not even bothering to pretend that she was paying attention to the play like she had earlier in the play. From beyond the Theaters high archways the sea could be seen, glistening and shining brightly in the sun.

The play came to an end and Aedia, Achima and Eos made the mistake of leaving as soon as the play had finished, having to deal with the mad rush of everyone trying to leave the Theater at the same time. Finding themselves having to weave in and out of people, occasionally bumping into them as they made their way down the steps. Once finally out of the Theater, they began back through the town. 

"It's busier than normal" Eos spoke up, her light blonde eyebrows furrowing as she looked confused around her. Only then did Aedia also come to realize that the town was indeed busier than normal and it did not just seem as though the crowds were strolling happily, for many wore concerned expressions on their faces. 

"I wonder what happened?" Achima said, her hands firmly clutching her book as to prevent it being knocked out of her hands by the crowds. The majority of the crowd was being caused by the people who were coming from the Hippodrome where the Chariot races were held. 

"I'm going to see what has happened" Achima continued, starting off towards the Hippodrome. 

"I'm going too" Eos was quick to follow behind Achima, while Aedia remained where she was. Noticing that Aedia was not beside her, she stopped, looking over her shoulder at her.

"Are you not coming?" She asked, her blonde hair being blown into her eyes as she squinted into the sunlight, placing a hand over her eyes to see Aedia properly. 

"I promised I would meet Patroclus. I would feel bad if I was not there...Tell me what has happened when I next see you" Eos's lips twitched as she poorly tried to bite back a smirk, her eyes teasing as she giggled and quickly ran after Achima, no doubt going to tell Achima of where Aedia was going. 

The walk from the town to the forest did not take long, as she wandered beneath the shade of the Fir and Pine trees, the sunlight every so often managing to get through the leaves and hit Aedias hair and pale skin. She stopped beside the lake, her hand resting on the pine tree which she had sat beneath to draw Patroclus. 

And there she patiently waited for him to arrive, watching the lake peacefully, as small waves lapped against the shoreline. Some time passed and Aedia began to wonder how much longer Patroclus would be. Her head turned over her shoulder she looked among the trees and path for his approaching form, only to find that there was nothing but the songbirds dancing and diving between the tree branches. 

Sighing, she took a seat on the Pine trees roots, her arms wrapping around her knees that were brought up to her chest, and her head resting on top of them. And that was how she waited, listening intently for any footsteps that might give her some sign that Patroclus was nearby. 

At last, she heard footsteps. A smile on her face she was quick to get up off of the ground and turned to face him. Except, upon turning around to meet the source of the footsteps she was greeted not by Patroclus, but by Dymas. The blood drained from her face as her smile dropped. 

"Aedia, what a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to see you here. Especially alone." The little voice inside her head screamed at her to tell him that she was not alone, but it was clear to both parties that she was, so she devised another plan. 

"I am expecting someone" She replied, trying to keep her voice calm and steady. She couldn't help but notice the small crack in her voice when she responded, and Dymas seemed to have noticed, for he frowned and took short steps towards her. His walking stick in hand, he leaned on it as he inched closer, a predatory look in his eyes. 

"Who are you waiting for?" Dymas was now getting far closer than Aedia felt comfortable with, the small smirk that was on his lips growing bigger with each step he took, his eyes wilder than before. 

"No one" Was all her panicked brain could think of to say, as she hastily brushed past him and away from the Pine tree where he had been attempting to corner her. 

"You know, you and I got off on the wrong foot. But I am sure that you want to make your father happy as much as I do, and with our marriage, his happiness would be complete." Aedia's heart rate began to pick up, her breathing deepening as she began to look for an escape. She wanted to run, to scream, but she found herself frozen where she stood. Dymas grew nearer, beating his walking stick against the ground in a more mocking fashion. 

"It is no longer my fathers wish for us to marry. He has given me his blessing to be with someone else." Aedia had hoped that the revelation would cause Dymas to leave her alone. For a moment, he paused and stood with a thoughtful expression on his face, she thought that it had worked and that he was about to leave her be. 

Then, suddenly the thoughtful expression left his face, as a snarl took its place. He lunged at her, pinning her with his walking stick to the tree, his eyes wild and his greying hair wilder still. 

"Helios will not live much longer. Upon the day of his death we will be wed, you will be my obedient wife...and you will love me!" Crying out, Aedia brought her knee up and kicked him hard in the stomach. He doubled over in pain, a hand covering the spot where she had kicked him. Seizing her chance, she ran. 

Aedia ran as fast as her legs would carry her, her hair whipping behind her as the tree branches seemed to jump out in front of her and whip her arms and face. Occasionally, she would stumble and trip over fallen branches hidden beneath the dense vegetation and fern. 

With her heart beating hard in her chest, Aedia's mind was fixed on only one thing; to make sure she got out of the forest. She knew that at his age Dymas would not be able to catch up to her, but he was a fast enough walker that if she stopped to catch her breath or walked back to her house, he would catch her. Her gown flew through the air as she ducked beneath a low tree branch. 

Her heart hammering like a war drum in her ears she finally began to see the opening of the forest, where the trees grew more sparse and the path opened up to reveal her father's farm. Running out of the fern and vegetation, Aedia made straight through the meadow toward her house. As soon as she had stepped through the doorway and into the coolness of the house, tears began to uncontrollably fall onto her cheeks, blurring her vision. 

"Adonia?!" Her own screams terrified her as she searched the house for Adonia, not wanting her father to see her in such a state, nor know of what had happened for fear of what he might do. 

"Adonia?!" Aedia's voice cracked as she tried to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Running from room to room looking for her. Though it was Helios who found Aedia.

"Aedia? My dear child, what is wrong?" She crumbled into his arms, sobbing hard into his shoulder and causing his dark brown tunic to become wet with her tears. For an all too brief moment, he soothingly stroked her hair and held her in his arms. But all too soon he pulled away from her and began to search for answers. 

"What happened? What has caused you to be in such a state?" Her lip trembled as more tears welled up in her red-rimmed eyes. 

"Aedia..." He frowned and sent her a worried look. At last, she broke under his gaze. 

"Dymas...he...he is in the woods....he threatened me...he....please don't make me say anymore" Aedia let out a sob as her father's expression morphed into one of fury. His eyes ablaze he turned away from her and made for his room. 

"Where are you going?!" Aedia called after him as he disappeared out of sight. He returned only moments later with his sword in hand. 

"No!" Aedia screamed, rushing to his side and clutching to his tunic like she had as a child when he was due to leave for battle. 

"Please, don't go, please!" She begged and pleaded with him but he was deaf to all but his own thoughts that were running round and round in his head, like that of the horses in the Hippodrome. 

"Stay here, Aedia!" He pushed her away from him and charged into the forest. Running a hand through her hair she caught her breath, pacing back and forth as she thought of what to do. Thinking that she needed to find Adonia to get help, she stepped outside of the house and back into the heat, finding Eos stood in the meadow by the Oak tree from which Aedia's swing was hung. 

"Eos?" The confusion as to why Eos would be at the house momentarily took Aedia's thoughts off of her father and Dymas. The solemn expression on her face said more than words ever could. Hesitantly, Aedia approached her. 

"The crowds in and Achima found out what caused them...It's Patroclus....he was in a Chariot race, but it went wrong and he's been badly injured. I thought you should know" 

© 2018 AliceBarnes

Author's Note

Thank you so much for reading this chapter, for some reason, I oddly enjoyed writing this more than usual. That sounds rather dark of me, but I just found it a bit more fun that usual to write. Please let me know what you thought of the chapter and how the story is going so far. I really didn't know what to name this chapter, so unlike the others, for now this will be known as merely "Chapter ten"; if you have any suggestions for what to name this chapter I will be more than happy to use them. Thanks again!

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I have to say this is a very good chapter. I loved all the specific details and and the plot constantly twisting. It does sound quite dark but every book needs to have some dark chapter in it. I think a good name for this chapter would be "The Unexpected Encounter"

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Your thoughts are always much appreciated and make my d.. read more


A deadly ending to this chapter. I do like pace of the story. You are making every scene important. I like how you describe the surroundings and the characters. Thank you Alice for sharing the amazing chapter.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I have to say this is a very good chapter. I loved all the specific details and and the plot constantly twisting. It does sound quite dark but every book needs to have some dark chapter in it. I think a good name for this chapter would be "The Unexpected Encounter"

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Your thoughts are always much appreciated and make my d.. read more

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